🎉 End-of-Year 2023 Knockology Giveaway: Win a Rare rOtring Display Case!

Hey Knockology fam and pen and pencil enthusiasts,

As we wrap up another fantastic year at Knockology, I’ve got something special for you! To celebrate our amazing community and to welcome new members, I’m thrilled to announce an End-of-Year Giveaway: A rare rOtring Display Case that can hold 20 of your favorite pieces!

Here’s your chance to showcase your collection in style. But that’s not all. This giveaway is also a call to those who’ve been browsing our forums without joining. Now is the perfect time to become an active member of our passionate community.

How to Enter: (do this before December 31st!)

  • Like this Post: Show your excitement and appreciation!
  • Comment Below: Tell us about your favorite mechanical pencil or pen. We love hearing about your prized possessions and why they’re special to you.

Special Perks:

  • Free Shipping for US Citizens: If you’re in the US, don’t worry about shipping costs; I’ve got it covered!
  • Up to $20 Shipping Support Worldwide: Not in the US? No problem! I’ll contribute up to $20 towards shipping costs.

Draw Date: Mark your calendars! I’ll be drawing the lucky winner on December 31st.

This giveaway is my way of saying thanks to all of you who’ve supported Knockology, and to invite those who’ve been lurking to join our passionate community.

Good luck, and I can’t wait to see your entries!

Note: pencils not included


As much as I love all my insanely pricey pencils, There’s never anything wrong with enjoying the classics: Pentel PG5 for me!

Good luck all!


My favorite mechanical pencil is the original Pentel Quicker Clicker in transparent yellow, with the transparent green being pretty much right there. (The blue transparent is also right up there, since that was my first Quicker Clicker.) I remember seeing the yellow one for the first time at the engineering supply store, and the green one at a stationary store a block down the street from the engineering store. They were close to $8 after tax, which seemed like a of money, especially since the transparent blue, smoke, and red (pink) could be found for considerably less at the major retailers. The yellow one was gifted to me from wife to be and I picked up the green one later, selecting out of the countertop display case. Never thought at the time that I would become a collector of pencils and had no idea the Quicker Clicker had come in the solid colors prior to the transparent ones.


Wow, fantastic! Favorite pencil I couldn’t choose one, what could it be? Well, let’s choose one of my favorites (and everyone’s) to participate in this wonderful giveaway: the old Pentel P1035. I think I deleted a photo of that Kerry? (well, I share any random photo).

Great Thomas, thanks.

(Oh wait, where the hell is my Quicksharp Atxalais?! :neutral_face:)


We have a similar story. Seeing a yellow PD345 at a college bookstore is what started this whole journey for me.


I think my favorite overall has to be the Pilot H-1005. It’s not perfect, I would like better threads and a weighter pencil, but it ticks the most boxes overall and I really enjoy it.

However, the favorite general use design has the be the pentel 2mm fixed tips, it is just a joy to use. I just need to find a good design, maybe you could recommend some?


My favorite mechanical pencil would have to be the pro use II due to its thicker size and lightweight aluminum build.


Gotta be the Staedtler 925-35 all black. One of my first mechs and I still use it regularly. It’s got a great knock, great knurling, and it looks amazing.
Good luck everybody!


I love the Pilot S20, its simple and sleek, without any gimmicks.


It’s a close second for me!


This is a fun end-of-year post motif, and I am in awe of the graciousness and generosity of our resident Knockologist :star_struck:

With that said, my current favorite pencil is the brass Manufactum Druckbleistift I acquired in Knockology’s first-ever group purchase.

The pencil itself is tremendous:

  • Perfectly balanced with the center of mass nearly in the middle, but closer to the grip end (I find this quite comfortable and easy to make any kind of stroke, especially arcs)
  • Effective knurling that bites but isn’t unpleasantly sharp
  • Addictive first-click setting action
  • Retraction button for the extra cool double-knock return

My grip confidence with the Druckbleistift is a perfect 10 out of 10, and that’s really my ultimate criteria for an MP. And the fact I acquired it through Knockology makes it a unique addition to my collection—it’s a piece I could only get because of the connections I’ve made since I started collecting, and that makes it special.

Bonus: Four other pencils I could easily claim are my “favorite” on a given day:

  • Pilot H-2105
  • Pilot H-215 transparent
  • Pilot Gentleman Young double-knock
  • Tombow Monotech 1000 0.4

Just wanted to clarify that the winner will be randomly selected.

Good luck everyone!

Knock On!


He gets an extra entry for that plug though, right? Or a guaranteed second place prize of a Pentel P209? :wink:


From a collectability perspective, Pentel Smash


I’ll probably say that orenznero is my favorite because of its conveniency. It is the first automatic lead discharge (not too sure if that’s the term but whatever), and it looks good so cool, I love the pure black design.


KIN 5640, the soft-spoken brother to Rotring 600.


I think the S55 (S-55) is special for making me dive deeper into the vintage arena. I mean, EVERY brand made a variation of the ‘metal top half / colorful plastic lower’ design that can be very hard to tell apart at a glance. So the scalloped ridges of the S55 stood out from the pack. No gimmicks, just happy colors :slight_smile:


Smoky clear? Yes!


Best picture of the S55 I’ve ever seen, and the champagne with red is :heart_eyes:


Thanks for doing this, @Knockologist !

@drifand, that S55 lineup is one of the most beautiful arrays of vintage pencil colorways by Pentel. Those last two transparent ones with amber and smoke tint – gorgeous! I agree with @pearsonified, that champagne tinted S55 with red grip is a stunner. I wonder if this is the only colorway featuring that tinted alloy section.

My thing has long been etched stainless steel. The H-200x and H-300x are just king of this, for drafting style. There’s a few others that amaze me, such as PILOT’s CMK collab on the Laureate. But for what I own, these two executive style pencils are my favorites:

Also, can’t leave out Newman. Their “zigzag” etching is truly unique: