2023 Giveway Update: 2nd prize added!

Please see original post for 2023 Giveway!

Giveaway Update:
I am thrilled to announce an addition to the End-of-Year giveaway. A second-place winner will now receive a Spoke 4 mechanical pencil and accessories thanks to Brian from Spoke! Thanks for supporting us, Brian!

How to Enter: (do this before December 31st!)

  • Like the Original Post: Show your excitement and appreciation!
  • Comment on that Post: Tell us about your favorite mechanical pencil or pen. We love hearing about your prized possessions and why they’re special to you.

Special Perks:

  • Free Shipping for US Citizens: If you’re in the US, don’t worry about shipping costs; I’ve got it covered!
  • Up to $20 Shipping Support Worldwide: Not in the US? No problem! I’ll contribute up to $20 towards shipping costs.

Draw Date: Mark your calendars! I’ll be randomly drawing the lucky winners on December 31st.

I’m counting on your enthusiasm to make this giveaway a success! Participate by liking this post and sharing your favorite mechanical pencil or pen story in the comments.

Spread the Word: I need your help! If you’re part of the Reddit community or other forums or social networks where pen and pencil enthusiasts gather, please share this giveaway. I’m not allowed to advertise on the subreddit directly, so your support in spreading the word is invaluable!

Good luck, and thank you for being an active part of the Knockology community!


Pencil for a zombie apocalypse: a kerry without a cap.


I LOVE the look of the knurled grip. I need to snag one of these! (Appreciation post coming tomorrow.)


Still waiting for the Spoke 5 to drop one last time, but it may never happen…


Not trying to be a stickler here… but isn’t that a spoke 4?

I’m excited to enter! Good luck everyone!

My favorite pencil huh…
Hmm… For as much as I love my 0.4mm Pilot S20, I would like to believe my favorite mechanical pencil is my ‘vintage’ Koh-I-Noor Rapidomatic 0.5mm. It’s too pretty :sob:
Perhaps it’s an endless battle that will never be granted the answer of which one will win.~ :face_in_clouds:


I’ve wanted this for a while as well. Saw a couple on eBay for exorbitant prices, but nothing I was willing to splurge on. I just really appreciate a single-piece body in a pencil.

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You’re right. That was a typo.

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So cool to see Spoke Design get involved here! Good luck everyone!


Definitely nice to see Spoke Design participating. Brian is a great guy.