Wtb pilot h-1585 (or trade)

I fell asleep and lost an auction by 50 yen…(7700¥ to 7750¥…) i already made room on my shelf for it and the rest of the family (h-xxxx series) is waiting for their long lost cousin. So, pleease let me know if you have one i can purchase. I look forward to hearing from you!

Any condition desired (as long as it works and is in fairly decent shape). NOS or stickered is by no-means a must (or preferred). Im very easy to please.

Edit: also willing to trade…

•Locus metaphys 0.5/lead holder and 3way (all three)(pre-owned)

•Uchida 0.5 type KN (silver)

•Steadtler Microfix SL NOS, in original box with user manual.

•LAMMY SPIRIT 0.5 silver (NOS)


My guy… you will never see a decent 1585 go for under ¥10,000 again.

IMO, you weren’t close to winning that piece, even though your bid was close to the final closing price. You just got damn lucky in this instance.


Oh, i know. Well, they did… i guess my post is vague…

Im not saying thats the price im willing to pay, i was just giving info on my current state of mind. Sleep prevented the bid war.

If anyone has an extra one in their arsenal, again -museum quality not desired-and wants a fair price for it, im their man! Please dont hesitate. Both parties should walk away happy :+1:

Ah, I guess my sub-point was that nobody here is gonna have an extra H-1585.

(I would be very, very surprised.)

I have a question

What is the difference between the H-108x and H-158x models?
They look similar but all I have to go on are the H-108x models I have. I just paid through the arse to get the 1084 which should be here in a few weeks.

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Never mind

I found a decent picture of a H-1585.
Noticeably different pencil

Edit: most of the pictures I’ve seen was looking at the tips/grips and not the rear of the pencil

H-1084 is very hard to find, so good job on the score! I have one extra to sell, but the plan is to capture max value when the time is right.

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The tip on the H-1585 is subtly different from that found on the H-108X and H-208X.

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I guess it is true that ignorance is bliss.
I thought I had my Pilot drafting pencils almost done, then I saw this post and realized I’m not even close.

To fill in the gaps I have a H-1084, H-585, H-587, and H-1095 on the way.

I still need a H-1099, 1097 and 1093.

Were what other sizes does the H-1585 come in?
Assuming H-158x?


Or trade too. I havent been seeking the 1585 for too long. What what other pencils would you say are in its’ “class”, in your opinion?

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Dont quote me, but i believe ONLY as an h-1585… It is shaker model. In addition to knocking at the end, you have they option to flail your wrist rapidly, produxing a “knocks-worth” of lead (best of both worlds, right?..).

I find it more attractive than the rest of its’ counterparts… but im discovering it is a bitch to locate…

P.s. you accued an amazing amount of quality mps since your i itial reddit posts. Just wow.


You scored amazing specimens of the H-1094 and H-584, with the 584 being especially hard to find.


Thanks. I found it by following your advice.

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Thank you :pray:

Shaker 1585 is available in other sizes? Then I have gaps there :-0

No, only one size for the H-1585.


There’s a Pilot Holder 2.0mm missing in there :slight_smile: belongs right next to those two

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UPDATE: I have finally procured one. It is a happy day


Did you get a 1585?

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You get the one on YAJ recently? It was a great specimen…

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