WTB Mitsubishi M5-50 Hi-Pitch

There is an NOS on eBay for 119$, but that feels a bit high. It MAY be appropriate for NOS, but an MP of that caliber is by no-means what I’m after.

I’m happy to pay fair + for effort. Let me know


The 0.3 is Bordeaux, typically with gold accents — I don’t think you’ll find it in Black/Silver

I know what the words you typed mean, but have zero clue in this context…

Sidenote: I’ve just connected YOU and your eBay page…you are incredulous. You should feel ashamed of yourself.

Why is that?

Because you just want a bargain and extinct pencils should be cheap ass thrift store items like they were in day one? Or maybe we should all just bend in your presence? Or because ebay charges me 35% for each sale and I also ship worldwide free of charge while I’m charged $20-$40 from elsewhere to get a freaking pencil, not to mention VAT and Custom taxes?

I’m ashamed of all of the above but not of my price tags. Plus, I also make big discounts if you contact me and sometimes I add pencils free of charge in the package. Although in your case it would be far too late for that now.

Take care

I meant that as more playfully but was tired and kinda came off as an asshole :/. My bad

But for real, a Flat-C for $300? Some kid will save up with that pen on SUCH a pedestal, after months of chores and working during their childhood years, they FINALLY have enough, they are ECSTATIC…. Only for it to arrive and learn…. It’s just a Flat-C…

Just to give you an idea of what a $100 ebay transaction really looks like for me:

That’s around $64 minus shipping costs minus time preparing the package and doing all the CN22 paperwork (1-2 hours) minus what the pencil cost me in the first place. How much do you charge for 1-hour of your time?

I have the feeling you are just looking at my prices face value like I am an effing pencil factory myself, but I am just a collector and what I collect is expensive because I’m in a particular part of the world under a particular set of conditions.

In the US you can bring $800 worth of stuff in and you won’t pay a single dime more. In Europe, if you import an item that costs 1c. (one bloody cent) you’ll pay tax over 1c + 12 euros parking at customs + 6 euros paperwork and you’ll have 1-month wait on top of that just to get the stuff to your door. It’s funny that Brussels says “protectionism” is a threat to the world but the Eurozone is charging customs starting from 0€ and they weren’t even elected.

So that’s not just a Flat-C: it’s the last Flat-C in Europe. How can I stress this? You can buy all the other ones first, I don’t mind. I paid nearly €200 for a black Flat-C from Germany. It was the last one. Do I regret it? No.

Yesterday I was trying to buy a pair of €130 New Balance sneakers that you can’t find here any more. A US site is asking $180+$60+$50duties. Would I pay $290 for a stupid pair of sneakers? Yes I would probably because I want to.

Well I’m upset now. I won’t add a single word about this subject any more.


I literally said I was trying to be playful…. I’m not sure what’s going on now…?

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Okay let’s just call it quits. I don’t want to be mad at anyone here. Maybe I over-reacted with you calling me out like that.

I’ll accept your indignation if you at least consider that my prices on Ebay aren’t totally irrational and that there is a reason for that. It’s Ebay. If you don’t have a local ebay site in your country you have to spike your prices at least 30% — and that alone doesn’t cover it, now that you have to pay extra for your listings to be seen (they call it Promoted Listings which usually adds 5% on each sale besides the 30%).

I have 45€ in the bank. I started out with €10,000 buying and selling and 10 years later my listings on Ebay sum up to $10,000. Selling pencils on Ebay doesn’t get you a single dime richer than when you started. You can pay some bills all right but it’s just floating money. It’s there on the limbo, it’s not even yours anymore.

To get back on the original topic, $120 seems to me a fair price for the hi-pitch in Europe. I also know the seller (Michal), he’s a terrific guy. Clearly a much better bloke than I am, judging from his prices :slight_smile:

Ask if he has a 0.3mm Hi-Pitch or if he can find you one. He may take a few days to answer.

— shake hands —


Awesome, same here we are cool. Didn’t mean to rub you the wrong way.

—shakes back—

I thought it was reasonable, especially since I never see them sold anywhere. I just know the second I commit one will pop up for $35~ on Mercari haha.

Thanks for the info!


Hello, very… interesting topic. Question, what does Hi Pitch mean in this case? Is there a simple M5-50 model (without the hi pitch?

Yes, that M5 has had some time posted in the bay. I like it, I have been close to buying it, I already have one, but this one we are talking about has its own paper, little box, a very nice lead case and price tag. Very nice pencil, interesting, elegant and sober (F-C has a very nice green one).

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So I’m guessing you are leaning towards the “it’s worth it” category?

I’m ignorant, what is “F-C”?

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Tss, faber-Castell!!!


It’s not cheap, mine cost $10 (nos, boxed, sticker). As always, we have to wait but we are not the only ones looking for an M5. And if they don’t show anymore?

Faber Castell pencil (taken from Reddit).


Ohhhhhhhh!!!…. I had no idea they made a twin :person_shrugging: obviously… thank you, I’ll try and find one of those maybe

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