WTB Mitsubishi M5-50 Hi-Pitch

How do you like it?

Handle with care! I have a spare M3-50 where the rear flange has split, forced apart by the corrosion of the ‘gold’ metal end-ring. Since it was already broken, I took it apart and found that the narrow brass reserve tube was ALSO split along the length.


A LOT more than I anticipated. It’s been a while since I discovered a vintage pencil I wasn’t aware of, then only to be MORE impressed once I acquired it.

I’m definitely on the hunt for the Mitsubishi now. I just switched jobs so my purchasing has been put on hold for the next three weeks. Come mid-June my package should be quite the “Fix”.


I don’t know if it’s a systematics: I have seen cracks most often on the 0.3 version of Uni (the purple one).

I just glanced at @drifand saying M3-50 not thinking…. The hunt is on for the 0.3!

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