What TV program(s) are you watching?

There’s a forum I participate in called “Budget Light Forum,” where all kinds of LED flashaholic geeks mingle and share wares, stories, mods, tips, etc. They have a TV series topic and people are always posting to it. I’ve come across a few suggestions that were good, then some that weren’t.

Anyway, I thought maybe it would be fun to start one here.

I just finished the 3rd season of “For All Mankind.” Awesome series. The premise is, Russia beats the USA to the moon. And then the USA has to play catchup. The way things progress, the Apollo program doesn’t end with 17. It keeps going. The next race is to building the first moon base. And beyond. It’s very well done. Some people might accuse it of being “woke,” because there are strong women and black women with central parts. But it’s all so well done. Believable, for the most part. Some people do terribly stupid things that pissed me off, but ignoring those, the upside makes it worthwhile.

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My wife and I have watched the first two seasons of this and enjoyed it. Each season jumps about a decade. Season 1 in the late 60’s, season 2 in the 70’s and (I assume, based on the teaser) season 3 in the 80’s.

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That’s about right. 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, stretching into 90’s. The overall ratings of the show were better in Season 3. I don’t consider it significantly better than the other two, but my favorite is probably Season 2. I’m really curious to see how Season 4 turns out!