Vintage Pilot Double-Knocks

Where can I learn more about the H-series of the Pilot double knock pencils like:

  • H-1003/1005
  • H-2003/2005
  • H-2103/2105
  • H-3003/3005
  • H-5005
  • etc.

Is there a Pilot book similar to Nirrods Pentel magnum opus?
Trying to find out when they were sold, where, etc.


This is sad, but I think @Drifand, @cytherian, and I are probably the best resources you’re likely to encounter.

There are a few older Japanese (or perhaps Korean?) blogs that cover aspects of Pilot’s hi-mecha history, too, but I don’t have any links handy.

As far as I know:

  • The H-1003 and H-1005 were sold internationally as “Vanishing Points”
  • I have not seen confirmation of “Vanishing Point” being used in the JDM
  • Every model HIGHER than the H-1005 was only distributed within Japan

This is why you see lots of H-1003 and H-1005 for sale on eBay, but NO higher models from anywhere other than Japan.


thanks - that helps. when were these avaible for sale?


I think the international Vanishing Point distribution stopped in the 2000s, but I think Pilot was still producing the H-1003, H-1005, and Automatic 0.5mm as late as ~2010–2012.


So is the Automac in the same “family”?


Yes. If you rely solely on model numbers for associations in pencildom, you will leave disappointed every time :joy:

Pilot actually used two different model numbers for many (most? all?) of its pencils—catalog numbers (like HH-200S-B) vs. public-facing numbers (H-2005). The catalog numbers are much more cryptic, and my brain hates them so much that it refuses to remember them.

But the colloquial model numbers (like H-1005) are handy references. It’s just a shame when one like the Automatic (HAT-300S-S) breaks from the convention, as it signals to normies that it’s not related. In reality, it’s absolutely related—it just sits at a price point ¥1000 higher than the other double-knocks.



Technically, no. The “automac” was part of the automatic feed category. This also included the PILOT Automatic (steel etched in 0.3 and 0.5 mm). And lastly, there was the very rare H-5005 (no H-5003), which I didn’t include in that chart because production years are unknown and it’s also an automatic feed mechanical pencil.


Thanks @cytherian and @pearsonified

I finally got off my arse and signed up with Buyee. -
man have i been overpaying :confused:
I picked up a (new) H-1003 and H-2003 and filled in some holes in my collection.

off topic but I also scored a green 50th aniv Kerry for 4,490 Y ($32.65 - whoop!!)


I’m not convinced all the information in that chart is correct. Here’s why:

We have the 1988 Pilot catalog, and it does NOT contain the H-3003, H-3005, H-2103, H-2105, or H-5005. Here’s what it does include:

  • H-1003, H-1005
  • H-2003, H-2005
  • Automatic (0.5 only)

Based on this, I suspect the information about the 3003 and 3005 is correct. But I think the 2103 and 2105 were also probably discontinued in 1988.


Well, it was PILOT who told me this info, so… what better place than the source? It’s also possible that the catalog you got might not have included every single model. Perhaps they dropped any items that weren’t high sellers.

One other telltale sign is the stickers. I’m not a sticker expert, but it does look like PILOT made periodic changes. And I’ve seen H-2005 models with a variety of different sticker designs.


But kept producing them for 7 years afterwards? I am skeptical.

You said it yourself—that info from Pilot is secondhand. I think most of the information is spot-on; I just think the H-210X data is incorrect.

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Did the H-5005 ever appear in any PILOT catalogs?

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It’s not in the 1988 catalog, but [1] that’s the only complete one I have, and [2] I think the H-5005 was discontinued prior to that in favor of the cheaper Automatic, which looks like it probably shares more components with the lesser-priced pencils in the double-knock lineup.

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I can’t remember who I was talking to about it, might’ve been Xiao, but the gist was, PILOT didn’t necessarily include every single model in their catalogs. So, I think it’s a possibility that after 1988, PILOT may have stopped including the H-2003/2005/2103/2105, but was still selling it. We just don’t know if they’d overproduced and stock just strickled out for those who wanted it. It wasn’t a time when people were actively thinking about collectibility.

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Very interesting. Thank you for the data.
There’s two main versions of the H-200x, the ones with the very long spring and the ones with the shorter one. I had heard that the long spring versions were the first ones but looking at that table it may be the other way around?

How much did you pay for H-1003 & 2003, I also want to buy them but I am not sure of the “correct” price that I should pay

Here’s my take on current pricing for good specimens:

  • H-1003: ÂĄ10,000–12,000
  • H-2003: ÂĄ16,000–22,000

If that’s for “good” what would you say new would be?

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that’s a great buy for the Kerry! Was that on YAJ or Mercari?