"Toxic" Pencils (It’s not what you think)

There was recently some talk in the chat area on “Toxic” pencils.

@RPD explained it as “…I think it translates as “toxic” because the hanzi for “poison” is used as “unbearably desirable” or something like that….”

So these are the most desirable pencils for serious collectors in Japan:
@popossum indicated the five pencils are:

  1. Pentel Mechanica
  2. Hi Uni 5050
  3. TK Matic L
  4. Rotring 600G
  5. Staedtler Micromatic 777 75

I’m interested to see what YOUR toxic pencils are.

For me – currently I am chasing the Pilot Hi-Mecha series:
H-1003/5, H-2003/5
(H-5005 is unreachable for me at this point).

Pentel Mechanica
Pilot Hi-mecha 3000
Hi-Uni 3050


I wonder what my wife (nurse/psychologist) would say of my use of “need” as opposed to “want” :disguised_face:


I am chasing STAEDTLER and Faber Castell pencils:

(Own): Marstechno 770, 925 85

(Need): 925 95, Mars Micrograph, Micrograph F, Marsmicro, TK Matic, Retro Deluxe, TK 9555, Alpha-matic, Profilm 774, TK9503

The high end Japanese pencils that interest me have quickly become a no-go zone… With the Germans at least I have some luck sometimes with Brazilian old stock for cheaper older models (POLY, Polo, Micro 775, ) or clueless Japanese sellers (a recent 925 95 auction ended at 62 USD).


Man! They was a good deal for someone.
I just completed getting every model from the 925 line. I have a 55 and 95 on the way as we speak.
Sadly I paid a lot more than that but it was a pristine NOS model.


Recently there was a 95 sold at a very nice price https://jp.mercari.com/item/m87467188746. I skipped because it was not NOS.


The Accugraph series. I just love the pencil, the PG2003 is my favorite amongst all of my pencils.

Mitsubishi Hi-Uni 2050: I just love the design and grip of the pencil. I love just as much the PG2003, but since it is rarer and more expensive, it’s used less.


Mitsubishi Hi-Uni 3051FF Blue: I really want it in blue, but never saw a NOS example for auction since I started collecting.

Alpha-matic red or purple: I want it in one of these two colors.

TK-matic L: There is one being sold in mercari, but it’s rusted.

There is also Pentel’s Mechanica and QX, and Micromatic 777, however it’s hard to buy from Brazil (you have to sell a kidney), so I’ve been saving money for the ones that captivate me the most.


I recommend trying to buy it from someone directly rather than via eBay and proxies even if it’s harder then you can get the person to write it off as a gift or undervalue the pencil in the declaration…


For any STAEDTLER pencil I recommend looking for damaged pieces (missing a tip, bent tip…) if you want a quick discount. STAEDTLER will send you a spare part free of charge if you email them on staedtler.de be aware that they may not have spares for the rarer models such as 777 75 or Retromatic… But for stuff like the 925 series, Micrograph, Microfix, it’s a given.


Thanks :pray:
Wasn’t aware of that.

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Eagle Turquoise Twenty, Berol TM-5, Mitsubushi M5-50 (oldest model).

H-1003, Montblanc Pix.




I feel like much of the need stuff here is just unobtainium. I think that’s just what toxic pencils are, unobtainium.


Do you mean unattainable?

By the way, when reading this post I remembered that I hadn’t tried to find another TM-5 for sale for several days, I went to eBay and what do you think? There was one! hehe (I bought it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)


Unobtainium is an internet reference for unattainable :wink:


There is an empty space in my soul which is shaped exactly like a Tombow v472 La Nave.
Unfortunately my wallet is correspondingly empty.

Other than that, i’d also love the Alpha-matic Exclusive (not to be confused with the Executive) and the gold Anniversary Alpha-matic.

Less expensive but somehow still very hard to find, a Uni Shift in red from 2011, and a Rotring Tikky TS-Slide in 0.3 and 0.5.


Like Stuart, I also crave pencils from the La Nave series by TOMBOW. The v472 Titan was known to me many years ago, but I wasn’t grabbed by it. I thought it interesting. The rear 3-hole circular collar looked like it mated to a stand of some kind where the pen (or pencil) would hang, like a desk pen. It looked heavy, so I figured it wouldn’t be that comfortable to use. More like a conversation piece. So I passed on it. I have vague recollections of possible purchase for considerably less than the going rate. I’d love to get an Espana or Mano. Still bugs me how I’d seen them around and just wasn’t “on fire” to shell out the extra $$ to buy, and now it’s like $$$$.

My “6 Toxic” are:

  • PILOT ProTex (ProTecs) [X]
  • PILOT Hi Mecha H-3005 [X]
  • PILOT Hi Mecha H-2103 [X]
  • Pentel Excalibur PXE205 [O]
  • Hi-Uni 5050 (or 3051FF) [O]
  • TOMBOW La Nave Espana [O]

Things I’d like to have but haven’t crossed the threshold of the asking price:

  1. Hi-uni5-5050, with the cap if not the box
  2. Pentel MEC 0.3 1st gen with the works ← it’s the only way to be sure it’s not just a grip swap
  3. Tombow HOMO lead holder 2mm ← their first mechanical pencil from 1957
  4. Pilot H-515 Shaker in grey, unobtainium from 1980s childhood
  5. rOtring 900 body knock in shiny chrome ← kept putting it off for the 700

Pilot’s Holder double-knock series are mostly off my radar – beautiful but fragile. Not sure I want to splurge on a Protecs, which is kind of similar mechanically to the Grandee Priere.


I have been fortunate enough to obtain a lot of my most desirable items:

  1. Faber-Castell alpha-matic (Bronce, Bordeaux, Anthrazit, and Marine)
  2. Faber-Castell TK-matic (all variants - 9725, 9725L and 9725S)
  3. Porsche Design Classic (both TK-matic and alpha-matic tip variants in Titanium and Black)
  4. Pentel PD505 metal Quicker Clicker

I still NEED these:

  1. Pilot Automatic in both 0.3 and 0.5
  2. Faber-Castell alpha-matic Executive in both titanium/gold and chrome/gold variants (I’m not sold on the Exclusive name)
  3. Staedtler 925 25 Silver Meister limited edition
  4. Porsche Design Classic in sterling silver
  5. Pilot H-5005 (seems a little out of reach though - a lot of $$ for anything really. My kids are too old now so nobody would want them, but maybe I can trade a kidney or something?)

What do you mean by a grip swap on a Mechanica? I don’t think this is even possible.

“Unobtanium” long predates the internet. Goes back at least to the Skunk Works.

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Exactly that. The MEC is easy to pull apart. There are many posts out there showing the differences of the internal slide-slot piece, but the grip itself can be transplanted. With the age of the original, there are many sun-damaged examples with discolored shafts, red lead degree windows that have turned pastel pink, etc. Doesn’t take much to locate a fresh (or even beat up) ‘late’ example and stick a first run grip on it for a quick sale at a hefty markup.

Thing is – even these franken-pencils become attractive when you consider the $500+++ territory for a full set of the original.


I have both the Protecs and the Priere. The Priere is inferior. There’s more plastic in the mechanism and it has an awkwardly tight angle for deployment/retraction. The Protecs feels like a very solid step above. It’s gorgeous.