Soooo, I ****** up and accidentally won something I meant to delete my “sniper bid” for…

To ME, it looks like a Mitsubishi jaguar, though I thought those were NOT drafting pencils. This one seems to have a lead hardness indicator…. I’ve tried looking through EVERYONE’s m.p. Collection history (both on Reddit AND here) and have yet to find a single bit of information on this piece…

Anyone out there able to elaborate on whether or not this was a good purchase???

(Humorously enough, I meant to delete my sniper bids, unfortunately I woke up only to realize, I had “won” THREE….!)

My night self and morning self need to start behaving better :sweat_smile::slightly_smiling_face:‍:arrow_up_down::face_with_peeking_eye:. ALL OF THAT ASIDE….

Anyone have any info on this piece??


I was also able to “”win”” these two…

Yay me! Consequences be damned HAHA :sweat_smile::rofl::upside_down_face:


The Mitsubishi barrel is clear?


I was eyeing that same piece. I really like its design. Congratulations


This looks alot like the Mitsubishi color pencils that came in a set. The body of the pencil indicates the color of the lead. Maybe in this case the lead is clear?

Like these:


No, it’s just a super white background.


Oh, I see. Circumferential brushed stainless. Especially the first image seems to show a lead tube inside a clear barrel - trick of the eyes.

It really seems either a variant of the Uni Color, or a colour variant of the other, similar pencils pictured in the second shot of the same post that @knocktype11 was linking. I think here our only hope of clearing the view about the issue rests in @drifand 's hands, or in other Mithibishi super-experts.

PS: nice Uchida acquisition: the two items you won are both quite nice.

There’s actually a transparent Mitsubishi Sharp 0.3. Like that one. It is a beautiful piece with the same tip as the sterling M3-300.

I had one that I sold for no profit at all or less than that in a bulk purchase, despite being a known scavenger and price abuser worldwide except for my bank.

I sold it to a repeated buyer that usually buys 3-4 items at a time. Buying in bulk is a solid strategy to get rare pencils for naught. Especially now that ebay’s going totally wrong and no one is selling anything for months. If you put 3 items in your basket and 2 of them are expensive items and you request a new total, the chance that you’ll get premium stuff really cheap is high.

You can actually squeeze an honest collector out of its margin — and you and ebay can go play a really self-assuring golf session after that. There’s probably no one in the world as smart as you are.

Mitsubishi “Sharp”. That’s the name/ref. I believe it’s from the mid 70s. 1976 would be my guess. There was the “sharp” series and the “colour sharp” series, which someone mentioned before.

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The other thing to do is to buy from someone who really needs to sell for some reason. I got an Archi from you that way one time. What a steal.

Hope you’re not in some church. That will simply fry you slowly in one of the several frying spots the Devil has planted out there.

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Glad to know you are not bitter about the loss.

Edit: I really ought to add that you were a true gentleman about the sale. After receiving it (via rapid post), I complained about some minor imperfections and you gave me a partial refund after already selling it for a low price. What a classy seller. I have thought highly of you and praised you to others since then as a result.


Well I’m bitter about almost everything I lose out of necessity. I wasn’t born with a house, money in the bank and a matching demeanour.

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Oh so it was you. Well congrats I don’t recall all the details but I reckon you got it even below what I paid for it to that architect fellow in Japan who was selling his collection (after what I can only presume had been a bout of unemployment for him).

As I may have stated before, the imperfections you noticed were machine/factory defects, most of the Archis will have them, there are so few of them… they were practically hand made. Those tiny machine imperfections, it doesn’t lessen the object in my opinion.

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Yes, I agree on the ‘practically handmade’ idea. It feels like a prototype to me. I lined it up against a Micromatic here on reddit. The Micromatic machining and finish are so perfectly done, and it is obvious that Staedtler was not messing around. They worked on the manufacturing until it was perfect (except for the mechanism, from what I hear - although mine works fine). With the Archi, the development team turned it in for production before they were really done, in my opinion. And, like you said, that turns out to be part of its charm.

If you ever want it back, let’s consider my time with it to be a loan.

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Well that’s just ace. Thank you.

It’s clear that that beautiful pencil is in good hands, far better than I can provide — I could never have gotten those fine shots.

Kudos to you @amjacobs7


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P.S. I didn’t mean to sound bitter. You made an honest purchase.

If you ever feel like mimicking blockbuster, I’m happy to take it of your hands as temporarily/indefinitely you’d like :sweat_smile::rofl::innocent:.

Sharing IS caring… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Side note: from what I understand, the Staedtler Micromatic is super delicate, is that true? And just curious, why is it SO desired…. Aestheticly it doesn’t hold a candle to most “grail” pencils. What’s the big deal??

P.s. for real though…. I’d love to bare the burden of that Archi :smiley:

The seller also had this listed, at half the starting price. The one I won seems like the “top tier” version, maybe?

Maybe this one is more familiar??

Edit: fuck, I gues the shaft IS transparent… this is described as having one, apologies to the earlier commenter. Hmmmm…

After further digging, I DO BELIEVE the barrel is clear. Apologies for my initial confusion.