Smash Discontinued?

i love the white Loft Smash, with its black accents. I call it the Storm Trooper.


Interesting news… to me, anyway. I don’t know if folks here already know this.

Pentel USA has discontinued the SMASH. While there is one SMASH edition on their website for sale, it’s actually in the closeout category. The default ubiquitous black model? Not there.

I reached out to them, inquiring about a possible replacement part. It’s… well, something I didn’t expect they’d have, but I figured why not ask. I have a SMASH where the lead retainer is missing. I’d gotten it used and the seller didn’t check it for proper function. It must’ve come out when the previous owner was clearing a lead jam or something. Anyway, I asked Pentel about it and they said they were sorry, but it’s discontinued and only sold by their division in Japan.


Referring to the Smash being “discontinued” - I read somewhere that in 1987 when Pentel released the Smash, it was available in 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9mm.

The Smash was canceled in 2004, and when they resurrected it in 2006, they only had one size (0.5mm) until 2019 when they released in 0.3mm.

Has there been any news of bringing back the 0.7 or 0.9mm?

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I think the original line-up was only 5/7/9… 0.3 came a bit later. They were going to call it ‘Writing!’…


interesting - thanks! Any idea when the 0.3 was introduced?

I’m happy they didn’t go with “writing”


Well, the original 5/7/9 line-up launched in 1987 and ALSO won the G-Mark Good Design Award in 1987. Then in 1989, the 0.3mm won the Good Design Award. That year also saw the B1000 ballpoint get awarded. As close to an official date as any?


Thank you!

Do we know how many colors the ballpoint comes in? I know I have black, blue and gray.

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I believe 4 colors of the original Smash.
B1000-1 Black / -C Warm Grey-Blue / -D Warm Grey-Green / -N Warm Grey


This is the set I have.


I could never bring myself to want a Warm Grey Green version of the Smash. Felt too much like sun damage yellowing!

Looks more Army Green to me.

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