Post 2011 Kerry’s with “5” on barrel

Does anyone have a current list of Kerry’s that were made after 2011, but have a “5” on it?

I think I have several of them, but looking to fill in the gaps one day.


Here’s a good article that will tickle your Kerry.

Also, here’s an ad for the Zaza City limited pieces just cuz I really like it. :blush:


Thanks. I think I have that skeleton model?

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Yup. Now you need the other two.


I’m going to need another drawer :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Here is the list of Kerry’s I know of, with the year of release (as best I know):

Pencil Color Year Notes
CDT Item 38 Kerry (Since 1971) White 2018
P1035-A Kerry (Pentel 5) Black 1971
P1035-A Kerry (Since 1971) Black 2001
P1035-AD Kerry (Since 1971) Black 2001
P1035-AHZ Kerry (Since 1971) Black 2019 Tokyu Hands
P1035-AMKS Kerry (Since 1971) Amber 2022 Kiji Shoji Limited
P1035-ANC Kerry (Since 1971) 50th Anniversary Transluscent Blue 2021
P1035-AND Kerry (Since 1971) 50th Anniversary Transluscent Green 2021
P1035-ANE Kerry (Since 1971) 50th Anniversary Brown 2021
P1035-ANN Kerry (Since 1971) 50th Anniversary Gray 2021
P1035-AXKS Kerry (Pentel 5) Black/Gold 2012
P1035-B Kerry (Pentel 5) Red 1982
P1035-B Kerry (Since 1971) Red 2001
P1035-BNA Kerry (Pentel 5) Red 2018
P1035-BZNA Kerry (Pentel 5) Bronze/Transparent 2024
P1035-C Kerry (Pentel 5) Blue 1982
P1035-C Kerry (Since 1971) Blue 2001
P1035-CC Kerry (Since 1971) Navy 2013 Limited Color
P1035-CNA Kerry (Pentel 5) Teal 2018
P1035-D Kerry (Pentel 5) Green 1979
P1035-DB Kerry (Pentel 5) Dark Bourdeaux 2020
P1035-DC Kerry (Pentel 5) Dark Blue 2020
P1035-E Kerry (Pentel 5) Brown 1975
P1035-FD Kerry (Since 1971) Orange 2015
P1035-GB 15th Gutsherrschaft Kerry Red 2014
P1035-GC 15th Gutsherrschaft Kerry Blue 2014
P1035-GKS Kerry (Pentel 5) Yellow 2021
P1035-GZ 15th Gutsherrschaft Kerry Silver 2014
P1035-KD Kerry (Since 1971) Light Green 2001
P1035-KD2 Kerry (Since 1971) Olive Green 2015
P1035-L-AAO Kerry (Pentel 5) Korean 2023 Limited Edition Black/Black 2023
P1035-L-AZO Kerry (Pentel 5) Korean 2023 Limited Edition Black/Silver 2023
P1035-L-WWO Kerry (Pentel 5) Korean 2023 Limited Edition White/White 2023
P1035-L-WZO Kerry (Pentel 5) Korean 2023 Limited Edition White/Silver 2023
P1035-MDKS Kerry (Pentel 5) Military Green 2022
P1035-ND Kerry (Since 1971) Gray 2001
P1035-PD Kerry (Since 1971) Pink 2001
P1035-PKS Kerry (Since 1971) Dark Pink 2017
P1035-SD Kerry (Since 1971) Sky Blue 2011 40th Anniversary Limited Editions
P1035-SKS Kerry (Pentel 5) Sky Blue 2021
P1035-SS Kerry (Since 1971) Sterling Silver 2001 Shoseikan Limited
P1035-VD Kerry (Since 1971) Violet 2011 40th Anniversary Limited Editions
P1035-VKS Kerry (Since 1971) Purple 2017
P1035-VNA Kerry (Pentel 5) Violet/Transparent 2024
P1035-XAD Kerry (Pentel 5) Black w/ Gold Accents 2019 Reprint Gold Kerry
P1035-XD Kerry (Since 1971) Gold 2013
P1035-XD Kerry (Since 1971) Gold 2011 40th Anniversary Limited Editions
P1035-XD2 Kerry (Since 1971) Champaign 2015
P1035-XDQ Kerry (Since 1971) Gold 2023
P1035-XNA Kerry (Pentel 5) Gold/Transparent 2020
P1035-ZD Kerry (Since 1971) Silver 2013 Limited Color
P1035-ZKS Kerry (Pentel 5) Silver 2018
P1035-ZNA Kerry (Pentel 5) Silver/Transparent 2018
P1035-ZNA2 Kerry (Pentel 5) Silver/Transparent 2024
P1035-ZXKS Kerry (Pentel 5) Silver/Gold 2020
P1037-A Kerry (Since 1971 / 0.7) Black 2006
P1037-C Kerry (Since 1971 / 0.7) Dark Blue 2006
P3035-A Kerry (Pentel 5) Black w/ Gold Accents 1991 20th Anniversary?

These are the Kerry’s I have in a Pentel Display Case


And this is a really good article on the Pentel releases (in Japanese, but Google will translate)


'Thank you! OMG that is an amazimg grouping you have there

All yours if you want.


DM’ing you

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Not sure if P1035-XD was on the 40th anniversary list as I recalled seeing a pentel graph/web flyer on rakuten site, only the sky blue and purple were on the 40th anniversary list. In addition, if you do a search on bundoki , only those two colors were mentioned on the 40th anniversary list. (FYI, bundoki was a popular store at that time)
I got mine at the same time and the XD version was much cheaper than the other two colors though and the web page didn’t say anything about anniversary edtion at all.

Just wondering if anyone has the old info or web page/photos though.

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what are those? 15th Gutsherrschaft?? I understand the word, but not the sense here :wink:

Pdunc67, you need the Tokyu Hands one (first in nimrodd’s pictures); and I am unsure, if I need the all-black Korean one.

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That Tokyu Hands is a great-looking pencil

I was happy to see I have the Korean P1035-L-AAO

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The15th Gutsherrschaft are the first 3 Kerrys in the second picture of the individual trays.

The Cherry Kerry! :cherries:

Or is it an :apple:?


ok. but do you know what was celebrated with this mysterious message?