Pentel PSD5 deconstructed

I managed to work loose several parts that are usually glued together. It helps that the glue was old, I guess. Think this is about as far as you can take the thing apart without damage since the rest of the inner mechanism is crimped together.


Where on the reservoir is that date code? My guess that is July 1987.


It’s about 2/3 of the way down, closer to the clutch assembly.

I interpret the date code as you do. The meaning of the two dots I’m less sure about. I have some with one, two, or three dots:

8804 .
8201 .
8705 ..
8307 ...
8307 ..
8201 .
8109 ..
8109 ..
8801 ..
8807 ..

Best guess, those are week numbers. 0-3? 1-4?


I examined my pencils.
PSD5 - 8307 . .
PWP15 - 8006 . . .

Do you see any differences in the 81 & 88 pencils?


Are all of these PSD5s or are some PWP15s?

The only notable difference is the grip. On the earlier pencils, the grip is rougher, with higher and sharper points on the bumps. On the later ones, the bumps are flattened out. I prefer the older grip, which changed in 1983 it seems.

Aside from that, they appear completely unchanged. They are all PSD5; I don’t have any PWP15 so far.


Other than the dots after the date codes, There are two things which are different here: The date code is aligned along the reservoir rather than across it, and the numbers are stamped rather than printed. Are there others that are in this orientation or is this specific to the PSD5?

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Dang, this makes me wanna keep my pwp…

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Yes, the PWP15 being made for a smaller market is much harder to find, as well as being 50-100% more expensive than the PSD5.

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This combination was unique to the PSD5/PWP15 as far as I know. The remaining pencils in Pentel’s current liineup today with steel reservoirs—the PG5 and Kerry (P1035), are there any others?—are stamped with a 2-digit date code, but they are across the tube rather than along it. And the digits in the inked date codes in the 80s that were printed along the tube were rotated horizontally, not vertically. Possibly the PSD5 was the first of Pentel’s models with a stamped date code, and the only one in that era?

Another point is that this a unique date code to Pentel. All others are either yymmdd or 0A format.

I wonder if these were outsourced?


I would believe that they are out sourced. If you take away the clip I don’t see anything that I would say is obviously Pentel parts.