Newman Part Deux

Managed to obtain a ‘Pilot Capless’ style Newman ballpoint to go along with my non-drafting etched MP. All the etched Newman designs have been fetching crazy prices lately, so I think this is probably the pinnacle for me.

Side by side - I think they make a reasonably handsome executive duo.

Of course the real challenge of owning what I call the ‘reverse pen’, is the lack of working refills. This is one of those situations that call for a super slim Euro tip and a wide reservoir.

I had previously sawn down a Schneider Express 225 for some of my Mitsubishi and BOXY pens. Luckily it also works for the Newman.

The benefit of such designs is that by stowing the pen tip-side up, you are far less likely to end up with an accident in your shirt pocket.

But of course the clip affects how you grip the pen. I prefer to keep the clip ‘down’ between my thumb and middle finger.

I can also grip it with the clip ‘up’ with my forefinger resting on it. But I find this too self conscious a behaviour.

As a final note: this pen comes with several colors for the mid-body band. I would love to find more of them but current prices are truly prohibitive.


Fascinating how Newman made this “Capless style” ballpoint pen. It’s a shame there’s not a mechanical pencil companion!

Was this a happy accident, just stumbling upon it? Or had you known of this Newman pen for a long while, patiently waiting for one to turn up?

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The latter. I’d noticed it several years ago and passed up on a couple of listings with colored bands. I think those were yellow and green. I wasn’t ready to commit because I saw the pen tip and didn’t want to deal with it.

Then I finally found some time to cobble together the refill mod for my BOXY pens and thought it might work for the Newman.

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