Cool Hand Lukes… My Newman Collection

When it comes to Newman, the focus is usually on two things: the much sought after ‘fauxbois’ wood grain drafting pencil in 0.3 and 0.5… and whether Newman really beat Pentel to the 0.2mm punch by releasing the Super 2 in 1971.

Well, on Twitter the 0.2 debate has recently come to the forefront with input from @daisukeogo, whose grandfather founded Newman. There is a lot going on and I dare not state things I’m uncertain about. For bonafides, Daisuke has shared old photographs, news clippings and even a batch of Newman pencils engraved with his mother’s wedding commemoration.

One thing Daisuke pointed out was that Newman’s 0.2mm leads are finer than Pentel’s. You can’t load Pentel 0.2mm into a Newman Super 2. Make of it what you will…

I sure hope more developmental history will be shared in time.


Been enjoying Daisuke’s commentary on Twitter as well. Your Newmans are fantastic!


I never realized the lead incompatibilities :smile:. So probably I cannot write with the Newman Super 2 too much…

Nice newmen lineup. The 5th from right looks interesting, a bit like lion 32x0.


You’re right! That style of machined grooves is quite distinctive. And like the LION version, it looks innocent but is actually damn grippy on the fingers :laughing:

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OK, I have to ask… is the highlighted Newman below a double-knock pencil or a ballpoint? I don’t think I’ve ever seen this one before.


Ballpoint :smiley:


Whew! OK, that’s good to know. :smile:


I think we can attribute the crazy run up in Newman prices to @drifand’s posts :stuck_out_tongue: That blue 500 JPY one with metal grip just sold for 40k JPY.


Really, somebody took it? :-o I think I have one of this type, bought quite recently for a fraction of this price (I don’t remember exactly, but the divisor is >10). I partly understand the hype about Newman Drafting 2k, but this is insane …


Are you sure you bought a pencil just like this one? I never see them come up for sale, and serious collectors all know these ¥500 drafting Newmans are unobtanium.

I can’t imagine one of these going for anything under ¥10,000, but I’m anxious to see what you purchased!