New May arrivals, one problem

May be a small batch, but I wasn’t wanting to wait for others to arrive in their warehouse:

•The New Koru Toga Metal
•An NOS Black “Shark-Bite” Pilot Shaker
•A Fuji Corona model I’ve never seen before (0.5 unfortunately)
•The Pentel PS1045
•The Mitsubishi Double-knock that many were skeptical about. Unfortunately, that skepticism was well founded. It knocks into place, but doesn’t perform the secondary knock to produce the lead. Any experience/expertise on any possible remedies will GREATLY be appreciated, as always.

Below I’ve taken it apart


Some of these Mitsubishi double-knocks just have bum clutches. I have a couple of W-knocks that exhibit this same behavior :woman_shrugging:t5:


Is there anything clogged or jammed in the nose cone? It should unscrew. You can also inspect if the chuck is bent then.

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Never get tired of seeing the 2020 'Kaku, aka ‘shark gills’, aka ‘Gimno type’… does that make it the most ‘gangster’ of the Pilot shakers? :slight_smile:

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Pretty common. Same with Colleen WKs… I’ve had many doing this, my solution has been to rotate manually those dented plastic bits to another position and assemble again. Most of the times it fixes it.


On my pencils, there’s nothing to see as far as the second knock is concerned. Something inside the clutch just isn’t grabbing the lead :woman_shrugging:t5:

I unclogged as far as the standard eraser piece allows as soon as I got it (it was clogged) AND flipped the center metal ring to its correct position(it now connects correctly/flush and extends fully).

I’ve spun the plastic teeth and connector: unfortunately nothing changed… :confused:

When I was twisting the nose off and activating the knock simultaneously, it gave a faint knock, but only once. After nose removal, VISUALLY the clutch extends and expands. I DIDNT try to unclog from that point. I’ll try that shortly. No lead has been getting through so maybe it was just deeper.

Thank you everyone for your assistance. I’ll let you know what happens.



It was just a super deep clog. I’m kind of embarrassed…

But, you all are awesome! And so is whomever assembled this incorrectly allowing me to now have a perfect M3-100?300?M1??..something.

I have no clue what this model number is, but NOW I see what all the fuss is about.



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It is possible that the lead broke inside during transport. I actually remove all the lead sticks from 03s when I dispatch them. Or at least the active one.

I’m not sure that’s the M3-100… I think it’s a first 300 model. It’s a super quality stainless-steel with delicate grooving. You usually don’t see that kind of high grade materials and finishings on ¥1000 pencils


also, the refraction of light on that model suggests the dodecagonal body of the M3-300 — which cannot be a coincidence!

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I’d like to know its model name/number and the variants/levels it came in. Do you happen to know where that information is available?

No idea… it appears almost everywhere as a M3-100 though…

… but then so do these (mitsubishi double push 2pc mechanical pencil M3-100 m5-100 knock retractable Tip | eBay) and the quality is not the same, nor the clip details.

I guess we need a 三菱 catalogue from the seventies.


To the Fuji Corona: I would say it’s a 200-5 (cp. The black ring at the tip is either missing or it is a variant?

Your link isn’t loading for me, but it DOES have a slim black ring at the top.

Does this come in a 0.3 model? And a do you know where a complete list of Fuji Corona pencils may exist?

Is this the higher end? Or lower?

I DOES have the insanely fine grooves you’ve mentioned. I’m hoping the M3-300 means the highest of all :grin::+1:

It’s definitely NOT an M3-300, as the 300 designation only refers to pieces with diamond-cut finishes.

As @ulfesharpe suggests, other pencils get labeled—perhaps incorrectly—as MX-100, but I know for sure one of the stainless steel double-knock styles is an MX-101.

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Here are two of the ones I’ve seen/have with this designation. I wish I had some catalogs for non-Uni Mitsubishi pencils but I’m not sure any such thing exists.


Yes, link doesn’t work… FUJI CORONA 200 0.5 MM MECHANICAL PENCIL 70S | #153306963

If I identify it correctly, there is a .3, too.

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What defines a diamond cut finish?

It has horizontal lines engraved from top to bottom. Horizontal. I’d say maybe 100-150? I’m not home, so that’s just an estimate.

Care to share an image of what you are referring to?