New life for an old Cross pen (as a pencil)

This Cross pen was part of a set that had a matching pencil. Unfortunately, I lost the pencil years ago. The pen is beat to hell from years of use, but also is one of my most prized pieces because it was a gift from my mom when I graduated college. It’s been misplaced and forgotten in several places over the years, but when she passed almost a year ago, I wanted to keep closer tabs on it and maybe use it more frequently.
A few months ago I learned of a (now discontinued) product called “Switch-it” that allows you to convert a Cross pen to a mechanical pencil.

in the picture above, the lead is advanced by pressing/clicking the yellow end. BTW there are erasers included. They are tiny.

While is does “work” in that it does turn your Cross pen into a MP, the function leaves a little to be desired. To advance the lead you have to turn the (clip end) end of the pen about a quarter turn left and then right, essentially “clicking” the yellow end I mentioned above. You have to return the cap back to the right to set the clutch, or the lead will back up into the pencil when you write.

On a side note, I am looking for any advice on what I can do about the surface of this pen. Any suggestions? I was considering maybe some very high grit microfiber or something.


I have a similar pen from when I graduated high school. The one I have is “gold” plated. Is yours “gold” or just brass?

it may have been gold - now its just gross though :expressionless:

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Came across this converter a while back and used it to add some variety to my quartet of translucent Cross Solo… glad to have this!