Mod to MP possible here?

This small-sized ballpoint was (I think) part of a set with either a planner (maybe Filofax?) or perhaps a notepad. The form factor is VERY handy, and I have removed it from my wife’s office supply drawer for safekeeping and examination. Don’t tell her, OK?

Does anyone have any suggestions for an MP mechanism that it might support in a conversion modification?

The ballpoint refill is threaded into the central core, and the point “knocks” by twisting the upper half of the pen. Over all size of the unit is 10.7 cm (4 3/16") and the refill is 9.3 cm (3 5/8")

There is no branding anywhere so far as I can tell.

This refill looks closest to a cross refill. Your best bet would probably be trying this, but I’m not sure it would work.


Hey thanks so much! That really does look pretty much right. 3.56 inches is just about 3 5/8 so it should fit inside.

A little expensive for a crapshoot experiment but this is how we advance the state of the art I guess? One commenter said there is a youtube video with more info - going to search for that now.

That video sure makes it look like I should get one. 30-ish bucks though!

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