Mitsukan Scene Sharp

It’s a brand I know very little of and this one is my first pencil from it, but it’s a very nice piece. The body has a rubber coating and despite being so old it’s held up nicely.

The lettering has faded but it can still be read.

The internals are all plastic although the tip is metallic and quite heavy. I tried to access the clutch but I couldn’t. The mechanism feels loose and poor quality.

I found a photo of a new one on the internet

The most remarkable part about this pencil is without a doubt the interesting looking tip and the ball shaped clip. The obvious pairing would be with one of the many ball-shaped clip, black/gold pilot fps (or a bp if you have one!)


Mitukan is one of the 3rd tier brands that is perhaps more of an OEM. I think of them as the ‘OHTO of the 60s and 70s’. Besides tamer designs like this one that you have, they also made some wilder ones under the 4D WECLE label. There is some debate as to whether Mitukan is also behind the ‘Junior’ label that is associated with the Hard3 ‘tribute’ to the Pentel Graph.