The Weirdness of WECLE

Who is WECLE? How do you pronounce it? Are they an in-house brand of MITUKAN? Why do some of their designs resemble more famous ones from Tombow? Why does the packaging sometimes include the name/phrase 4Dimension? Why are they so obscure and undocumented? Why??? :joy:


Is this vintage or recent production?
I love the Nitro, the knob like a screw and the “MARK I” designation …

If I just read the name in German pronunciation, it sounds like the swabian (German region) dialect word for a bread roll :smiley:


I think you also know that seller on mercari who has been selling a lot of wecle brand pens. To design these pens is one thing, and for a leisurely collector like me, I might be willing to buy one or two of them, but as a product, from their company’s perspective, when facing the mass, do they really expect to see significant sales for these odd-looking products?

I bought the second one on the right in your photo, mp&bp. The mp is made of all metal, weighs 26.4g, bp is much lighter, the grip is rubber. As you can see, they didn’t do a good job on the seams of the rubber. I used a file to fix it myself.(apart from this, I feel satisfied with their quality) Although they are both matte finish, bp’s surface was designed to be slightly rougher.