The Weirdness of WECLE

Who is WECLE? How do you pronounce it? Are they an in-house brand of MITUKAN? Why do some of their designs resemble more famous ones from Tombow? Why does the packaging sometimes include the name/phrase 4Dimension? Why are they so obscure and undocumented? Why??? :joy:


Is this vintage or recent production?
I love the Nitro, the knob like a screw and the “MARK I” designation …

If I just read the name in German pronunciation, it sounds like the swabian (German region) dialect word for a bread roll :smiley:


I think you also know that seller on mercari who has been selling a lot of wecle brand pens. To design these pens is one thing, and for a leisurely collector like me, I might be willing to buy one or two of them, but as a product, from their company’s perspective, when facing the mass, do they really expect to see significant sales for these odd-looking products?

I bought the second one on the right in your photo, mp&bp. The mp is made of all metal, weighs 26.4g, bp is much lighter, the grip is rubber. As you can see, they didn’t do a good job on the seams of the rubber. I used a file to fix it myself.(apart from this, I feel satisfied with their quality) Although they are both matte finish, bp’s surface was designed to be slightly rougher.


Can you tell me the make of the pen on the right - interesting style

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Hey @PaulB56 welcome to the forum.

which picture are you referring to?

The pen to the right of the Tombow 707 (the other pen are the Wecle, Tombow 727 & Tombow 707).

Miko Poplin, I don’t know anything about this brand, the seller said it’s a Korean brand

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I also have a pen with a similar style, but there are no traces or information on its body.


Many thanks for the reply - never heard of the company, but the pencil is pretty unusual.