Luddite Postdraw vs Manufactum

So I’ve not heard of Manufactum until today when I saw the new discussion on the group order. Out of curiousity, I googled to see what it was all about and the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the pencil was, “Luddite Postdraw copied this design?!”.

Now I was operating from memory so I decided to look it up again and realized that the nose cone design is different (and of course, the materials and such). To be fair, its design fits my grip better as I tend to hold my pencils closer to the tip and ridges can be pain to deal with when my fingers unconsciously move up from the grip section.

I’ve been looking forward to the Postdraw release scheduled for end of March (exact date hasn’t been announced yet) and holding up my next bulk shipment from Japan until then. Somehow, the fact that I suddenly see a mechanical pencil that looks almost similar made me feel a little bummed out about the release of something I had thought (in my limited knowledge of the market) was something different/refreshing.

Any thoughts about this?

POSTDRAW.pdf (479.6 KB)


I want


I want

I’ll second that


I’ll even Third it…. Looks like the Orenz Nero did what we all secretly hoped was possible… And what capitalism has been delivering for many years….

The Mechanical Pencil being Profitable to manufacture (again) has created COMPETITION for both design and functionality :partying_face:


I’m willing to bet the future diversity of Mechanical Pencils will eclipse yesterday’s “Golden Age”…


I certainly wasn’t expect everyone’s reaction. lol.

Here is a side comment to fuel the discussion, but I finally figured out why I thought they were similar. I was also super-imposing another mechanical pencil release that had a similar extended nose cone as the Manufactum: the Platinum’s Pro-Use 231 which will be released this Friday.

For pictures & info:

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I will be waiting for those as well.
Double knock pencils are so useful for daily use


A shame that the grip is rubber, knurling would be an instant buy.

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I’m not sure, doesn’t look like rubber …
could it be hard plastic, or thin metal ?

There’s a bit of the Rotring double push in there as well, imho.

yes, just why??? (platinum MSDC-1500B)

The shaft is made from aluminium and the nose is brass according to the company. Therefore the price seems 3000yen range.

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