Link to rOtring Catalogs: 1980, 90, 96, 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 & 2017

I found a Romanian gold mine full of rOtring Catalogs!

69,656,653 Catalog-Rotring-1980.pdf
42,207,425 Catalog-Rotring-1990.pdf
29,370,365 catalog-rotring-1996.pdf
57,802,141 catalog-rotring-1998.pdf
50,807,398 Catalog-Rotring-1999.pdf
77,624,587 catalog-rotring-2001-b2b.pdf
52,011,677 catalog-rotring-2001-wr.pdf
115,684,470 catalog-rotring-2002-b2b.pdf
84,890,367 catalog-rotring-2002-wr.pdf
105,299,176 catalog-rotring-2004-b2b.pdf
20,733,681 catalog-rotring-2004-pen.pdf
65,534,797 catalog-rotring-2004-wr.pdf
68,650,234 Catalog-Rotring-2005.pdf
50,366,437 Catalog-Rotring-2006.pdf
8,342,102 Catalog-Rotring-2007-BTS.pdf
41,918,392 Catalog-Rotring-2007.pdf
35,404,845 Catalog-Rotring-2008.pdf
38,952,150 Catalog-Rotring-2009.pdf
32,996,621 Catalog-rotring-2010.pdf
32,607,833 Catalog-Rotring-2011.pdf
32,282,452 Catalog-Rotring-2012-TD.pdf
8,337,244 Catalog-Rotring-2012.pdf
9,262,423 Catalog-Rotring-2013.pdf
28,770,622 catalog-rotring-2014.pdf
3,857,745 catalog-rotring-2015.pdf
6,055,253 catalog-rotring-2016.pdf
5,484,543 catalog-rotring-2017.pdf

28 File(s) 1,184,911,633 bytes


does anyone have rOtring catalogs from the 80s?

Dude…. You are INSANELY resourceful.

Thank you!

Do you collect Rotring? I don’t think I’ve seen a post by you about them.


Wow, thank you very much for the catalogues, I will digest them all.

I would love to collect several versions of the Rotring 600 (one of my favorite MPs), but I remember that the budget is limited and I can buy a new one for a much lower price than the vintage ones (when it was just Koh-I-Noor, levenger, 600 gold).


thanks -
I do! I have most of the current production stuff (600s, 800, etc.) but lately I have been rounding out my Tikky collection. I’ve been trying to get a specimen from all the major Tikky models from 1979 to current.
So far I have some rOtring T (both body styles), TS Slide, Tikky Special, Tikky II, Tikky (III – current), Tikky Retro (current), Metal Double Push, Automatic LS, Tikky Standard, Tikky SC.

I’m lacking the other proto-Tikkys: rOtring S and rOtring F. And I also need a plastic Double Push, an Automatic and a rOtring 400.

Edit- I got lucky finding these.
I’m stuck in Phoenix at a conference all weekend and was fiddling around on my phone and found this link burried in a blog on rotring fountain pens. Google hasn’t found it yet so I was glad for the distraction


Mother bear! Thank you!


Here’s the link
Rotring catalogs
Looks like I totally forgot about it after uploading them. There are some other Japan version catalog fragments, if I have time to sort out them some day in the future I will upload them


Amazing! I knew of only a couple of those, probably the oldest ones, one of which actually has Romanian texts accompanying the images.

And it was precisely on that catalogue (1980) that I discovered the existence, among other things, of a certain rOtring Rapid A4 drawing board with clear/transparent surface, to be used with OverHead Projectors (OHP) and clear films; an a-m-a-z-i-n-g piece of equipment…

Thank you @Pdunc67 for sharing, and @Linus2K for making it available as a single zip folder!


Ah yes–the Romanian archive of rOtring catalogs. I came across these some years back and had forgotten about them. Thanks for posting about them, Patrick!

It seems they’ve not managed to get any from 1981 to 1989… and I imagine they must exist somewhere… if only someone would scan them and upload to a writing instrument forum.

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Hey Linus,

I have a PDF that contains scans of a rOtring catalog from April of 1992. It’s only 5 pages. I don’t know where it came from. Date modified is 2017. Do you have this?

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I don’t know, is it western or Japan version? I only have some pages of JP 1992 catalog

Or this one? I remember it’s from webarchive of

A long time ago I tried to download catalog pictures from there, but only very few of them are available at that time. By the time I knew about that site, it was already dead


I may have downloaded it from Leadholder as well. I can’t recall. Is it possible that his site is still accessible via the Wayback Machine?

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I haven’t seen this before

Yes you can. But many pictures there is expired. Some people have turned the website into local files:


One of the challenges with his site is that he chose to only save and post pages of the catalogs that contained lead holders and some mechanical pencils. For his purposes that makes perfect sense, but for those of us who also like to see other items that might be in the catalog, it can be an annoyance.


There is a Tikky I had not seen before in the 1984, p. 20 image. The “Tikky Metallic”.

Does anyone know more about this model?

I checked with Dux at the rOtring Museum and he said it is a rOtring GT (one of the proto-Tikky models: S, F, GT). These came out before the Tikky was named.


I’ve seen one but thought it was a frankenpencil due to the color scheme :flushed:

Also, I just LOVE that product page. The vintage Tikky script is the best execution of sub-branding in all of pencildom :star_struck:


This site used to have amazing images: but it seems to be down right now, or at least not working properly. We have emailed a bit and the owner was quite responsive.


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