Knockologist Custom Pencil Photo Archive

Posting some of the pencils I made last year so that @cytherian can see.


Oh my god!!! Those white PG5 are beautiful!!! :heart_eyes:


It’s remarkable, the artistic possibilities that resin provides. Did you source the resin rods or make them yourself? There’s a guy who became seriously fascinated by fountain pens, enough to start a side-business making them. I met Brian Gray online over at the Fountain Pen Network. At that time, early 2007, he was dabbling in turning resin rods into fountain pen bodies he could mate with various nib sections from several makers. The community was blown away by his work… enough, that he eventually decided he’d go into business for himself. He founded Edison Pen. I remember him showing off resin rod stock he’d get from a variety of sources. Absolutely stunning to behold. And he’d find a workable segment of resin rod to then cut for crafting a cap and body.

Anyway, the resin here reminded me of Brian’s work. Really amazing. Would you consider doing some limited runs again in the future, Thomas?


Thanks for the kind words, Gary. I was going for something like Brian Gray as mentioned here in the first post.

I do think it’s very possible that I do a very limited run again once the weather gets better. When I was turning these pieces it made a total mess out of my studio. Since the studio has been converted over to the jewelry studio I can’t have that kind of mess in there anymore. Once the weather allows I’ll pull the lathe outside and do some turning.

Turning the bodies nice and slim as I like them is not easy and in the beginning there was a large error rate. Pretty costly and annoying. I have it perfected now thank goodness.

The bodies for the Orenz metal grips are an extra pain to make. If you have one, take the metal grip off and that’s exactly how I turn the body down to. Not easy.

I also made some 2mm and 5.6mm sketch pencils for artists.


Each one could be someone’s forever pencil… so hard to choose!


I have a wood lathe but do mostly bowls. Id love to learn how to do this. These are amazing.
I’ve avoided turning pens because all of the turned pens I’ve see are a bit too chonky for my liking.


Fun fact. I’ve never turned a chonky pen. I also do not like any of the “stock” pen or pencil kits that all the penturners use.




Those are just beautiful!

I have yet to finish any pens or pencils of my own, though earlier this summer I took a guilloché class and used a line engine to turn some brass tubes that I hope eventually make into fountain pens.


Ohhhh this is beautiful! More!

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Good luck!

Gorgeous, Noah.

Given your talent in doing that kind of pattern… what say you about attempting a moiré pattern? Waterman got into this in a big way. Here’s a few examples:


Thanks! Indeed, I would love to do some more moire patterns. I tried a couple on some flat discs (on the right and left below). I don’t have regular access to the equipment to do this stuff, but I hope to do more in the future.

Also, one of the pieces I enameled:


that is impressive work!


Very nice work, Noah!

Wow, the RR601 <3

And the Guilloche is impressing. In Germany at Pforzheim you still can learn such crafts, too. I guess this is a round line engine?

Aren’t those called “rose engines”, perchance? I think I heard the name for the first time in one of Clickspring’s videos…

Maybe! I only know the German names – since today :smile: