Full set of Q535

Here are all 13 Q535 pencils, as far as I know.
4x Q535 CIL Kerry (bottom right)
4x Q535 Pop’npop (Series 1?) (bottom left)
5x Q535 Pop’npop (Series 2?) (top)

Finally got the last 3 CIL Kerry (Red, Blue & Green) this month. The first Q535 I got was the Yellow Kerry.


This photo is great! My fav.

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today at YAJ s/o really wanted a blue CIL Q535 :wink:
→ result > 7kY

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I bid on all these, but ¥3101 was my limit for each piece. Didn’t get any of them.

me too, with bids in 2k range. yellow was somewhat close, but not enough. I bid on this and that last Sunday, but won … … nada. :smiley: :grin:

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