Pentel ID Book Question 2 - Q535 Pop'npop

I am working on a new version of the Pentel ID Book, and I have a few questions I will be posting on here.

This question is about the Pop’npop version of the Q535. In my post about the Q535 (Full set of Q535 - #2 by atxalais), I am questioning how to show the changes. Do I list it as a “Generation” change, or a “Version” change (see Pentel ID Book Question 1 - Generation, Version &? for descriptions). A Generation change would keep them on the same page, and would probably result in a smaller picture to get all of them in, whereas a Version change would be separate pages. The box for the set of 5 colors (【シャープペンシル】ぺんてる Pop'npop Q535 / 山内屋商店 - 会津) shows the model number as YQ535S2, which I interpret (ignoring the Y as packaging info) as Series 2.

My question is, which way should I go. I am leaning to have them on separate pages, but I can be persuaded to leave them as one.

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I would do separate (but sequential) pages:

  1. CIL
  2. Pop’npop in primary colors
  3. Pop’npop in pastels
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That is exactly my inclination.

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Are there other differences between the Pop’npops other than the colors? It is not clear why they would need to be on different pages for only colors.

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Colors and clips, but this would be like putting Mitsubishi pencils with BOXY pencils. Yes, it’s the same parent company, but no—these pencils were designed and marketed for specific audiences at different times. Putting them all together doesn’t tell the tale of why these pencils exist as they do.

IMO, all Pop’npops must be considered separately from the Pentel models upon which they’re based.

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And that is the way I have always done it in the book. My question here is the splitting of the 2 sets of Q535 Pop’npops.

I lean towards splitting them because of (my interpretation of) why there are two sets, when as far as I know, this is the only instance of this.

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I was only talking about the differences between the primary and pastel Q535s. It makes sense to keep the Pop’npops together unless there is a difference other than color. So two entries not three.

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I could live with that, but I still don’t like it because there’s no symmetry:

  • The original Pop’npops were a set of 4
  • The pastels are a set of 5

Pastels clearly came later and did not follow the “set of 4” pattern established by the first two releases.

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I believe the Pastels were released to match the other Pop’npop models, such as the A15, P105J & PD335 Pop’npops. Which is what leads me to want to split them.