Full automatic pencils

Automac E
Automac E500
Staedtler Micromatic
Porsche design Classic line

Are these all?
Are there any other full automatic pencils?


What’s your requirement for “full automatic?” Seems to me you are being extra picky and not allowing the piece to have a knock button…

(For example, everyone here considers the TK•matic and TK•matic L to be automatic pencils, but I assume you’ve not included them because of the presence of a knock button.)



Pentel QX seems to be missing in your list.


Yes, im not including them because they have knock button.
For full automatic, Im meaning pens that works without knockbutton.


So are those five it?

The Dive has a knock button, but you can write without ever using it.

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Probably so—manufacturers certainly realized the public did not enjoy having ZERO control over lead advancement; this is why every subsequent “automatic” pencil had a manual mechanism as well.

And let’s face it—the Staedtler Micromatic 777 was a colossal failure with its faulty mechanism and lack of manual control.

I’m convinced the failure of this pencil doomed any notions of “fully automatic” forevermore.


Usually with automatic pencils, even with a new lead seated right behind the lead in use, there’s that pesky end of lead state where manual attention is needed to propel the new lead stick to help push the forward lead remnant through. Does the Dive manage to overcome this, so no manual intervention is necessary?

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Yet another detailed example of why I have no love for automatic pencils.

I guess it all depends upon how much writing you do in one session. I never go through an entire stick of lead in one session. So the break between used up lead and new lead isn’t enough of a niggle.

Not as severe as the pesky half-automatic situation of manual mode on an automatic transmission. On my old Audi running DSG (full access from 1 to 6), when the car’s computer detects enough of a disparity between selected gear and lowering speed, it’ll “assist” by stepping down gears for the driver. Which means your mind isn’t fully committed to shifting, like it would be with full manual. The only think the car won’t help with is shifting up. Being half-committed totally kills the manual shift engagement… unless you seek to beat the car and drop gears before it happens automatically. But I was a “free roller”… knocking the shifter into neutral to coast to an impending stop up ahead. :sweat_smile:

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I am not sure, if the mechanism just didn’t stand the years so well – I guess at its time the mechanisms were not shaky. I have to admit, that – as much as I like the micromatics – I sometimes miss a knob to push back lead which I advanced too far.