Comprehensive list of Auto-Advance Pencils

This all started with me trying to figure out which of my “auto-advance” pencils were the oldest. The terms “automatic” and “auto-feed” or “auto-advance” have several meanings in the mechanical pencil world. Depending on who you ask, and in what context, you will get different answers. In regard to this list, these are all of the pencils (that I am aware of) that have the capability to advance the lead without the need to “knock” the pencil. I also tried to list them in chronological order. (I made several guesses on year.)

I think Stationary Wiki (Auto-Advance mechanism - Stationery Wiki) defines “auto-advance” pencils the best:

Auto-advance or auto-feed mechanical pencils don’t need any action to advance the lead because of their particular mechanism: a spring-loaded sliding sleeve (usually a plastic cone) pushes out more lead every time it is pressed and released from the paper.

In order to work, it is required to write with a very little amount of lead coming outside the tip, and practically to drag the lead sleeve on the paper. Most of the time these pencils are also provided with a push button mechanism, and can be used in the classical way.

Another term to consider is “full” or “semi-automatic”. In this case a fully automatic pencils does not require you to knock the pencil. When your lead core runs out, it loads the next one automatically. Most on this list could be considered “semi-automatic” so I only made note of those that that are “full” automatic. I think I have them all, but let me know if I miss some.

I assembled this list by searching Knockology, r/mechanicalpencils and the Stationary Wiki page on auto-advance pencils. I am sure I have left stuff out, got things dated incorrectly, or just plain wrong model. Any help you could offer with corrections is appreciated. It could just be my OCD flaring up, but I really enjoy this part of our hobby.

• Faber-Castell DS75 (1973?)
• Faber-Castell TK-Matic L (1973?)

• Porsche Design Classic Line PD-Matic (made by Faber-Castell in 1981)
PD Classic line has two variants - full automatic with straight lead pipe (like TK-Matic) and automatic with a conical lead pipe (like alpha matic)
• Porsche Design Arc Line: (1988-99)
• Pentel PN3015 (1982)
• Pentel PN105 Technoclic Pencil (1983 to late 80s)
• THREE STAR A705 – Like TK-Matic L 9725;all-metal body (1983)
• Zebra Autofeed/knockless Sharp – 1980s
• Sakura AT-MATIC 0.5 ATS300 (1980s)
• Faber-Castell Alphamatic (year?)
• Pilot H-5005 (year?)
• THREE STAR A701 – Like Pentel PN105 (1985)
• Pilot Automatic (1988?) Pilot Automatic and Orenz Nero and SWIRI (model unknown) are only
automatics in 0.3?
(E and Automatic are the 1988 PILOT catalog).
• Staedtler 774 – Hi-Matic (1987-1988)
• Staedtler 777 15/25/75 Micromatic (1987-1988) (FULL automatic – not the 05).
• Pilot Automatic HATR-8R-B (1987)
• Pentel PN55 Technopress (1987)
• Mitsubishi Uni A-TECH M5-305AT (in late 1980s – was in 1988 partial catalog scan)
• rOtring Altro (1989?)
• Steadtler Retromatic (1989-1999)

• Tikky LS Automatic (1990)
• Platinum Hayaai II (year?)
• Niji X-10 (year?)
• Fila Temagraph Automatic (year?)
• Pentel PN305 (Type 2) QX Pencil (1990) (FULL automatic)
• Tombow SH-100 JJ (year?)
• Pentel Orenz Nero (2017) (semi-automatic) it’s father the QX PN305 is Full automatic.
Pilot Automatic and Orenz Nero and SWIRI (model unknown) are only automatics in 0.3?
• SAILOR mini automatic (year?)
• Sakura AT-MATIC AT300 (year?)

2001-2023 (and date unknown)
• Pilot Automac E/E500 (FULL automatic)
• Pilot Actor 300 (year?)
• M&G Comrade (year?)
• Eberhard Faber EFAmatic (2006)
• SWIRI – (model?) - Made by THREE STAR; using 0.3mm lead. (year?)
• Sun-Star Knock Free (~2008-2012?)
Pilot Automatic and Orenz Nero and SWIRI (model unknown) are only automatics in 0.3?
• Tombow Runner (year?)
• Magic House Autolead Pencil (2010)
• Pilot Automac HAT-3SR (2011) The Automac was discontinued in 2020 and replaced with the S30
• Pilot S30 (2020)
• Ticonderoga SenseMatic+ (year?)
• Ohto No-Knock Autosharp (year?)
• Ohto New Horizon (year?)
• Pentel PP2005 Orenz AT Dual Grip Mechanical Pencil (2022)
• Papermate Advancer (year?)
• Faber-Castell Grip Matic (year?)
• BIC AI – Shaker (year?)
• Zebra Frisha MA40 – Shaker mechanism (year?)
• Ohto Radial – Spring loaded clip; metal body (year?)
• Ohto Cute Auto Sharp AP-350C (year?)
• Papermate Auto Advance (year?)
• Faber-Castell Poly Matic – Twist-extendable eraser (year?)
• Faber-Castell Contura Matic (year?)
• Faber-Castell Color Matic (year?)
• Sun-Star nocfree (year?)
• rotring Tikky Automatic LS (had at least two types)
• Penac Side Knock TF0302 - (in production as of 2024)
• Uni Kura Toga Dive (2023) FULL Automatic

Pencils that have “automatic” in name or on the pencil, but you still have to manually knock it.
• Mitsubishi M3-1003, M5-1003, M5-703, M5-501
• MANY of the Pentel pencils.


For faber-Castell the first is ds-matic, for pilot the automacE (both claim worlds first).

FC contura matic and color matic is missing as far as I see.


I’ll get that updated in a bit

For the contura and color matic, do you know when they were released?

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No, I generally know only very few release or production years.

Diplomats are missing also.


Hi-Matic 774 and Micromatic 777 are apparently 1987-1988, their first (and last) appearances are in the 87/88 General Catalog and the West German catalog of the same year. I mistakenly labelled an unknown catalog as 1985 catalog in my STAEDTLER catalogs 1980-2023 post, but seeing the pencils that appear, it has to be a 87/88 catalog.

STAEDTLER also labels the Luna as an automatic pencil, I don’t know if that is true… Maybe someone here has one to tell us.

PD Matic is full automatic too.

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do you know when the PD Matic was released?

added - thank you


Sadly no, information regarding the PD Matics is very sparse, a big shame. Btw, PD Matic = Porsche Design Classic Line, I noticed you wrote “Porsche Design Classic Line” and also “Faber-Castell PD-Matic”

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Tikky Automatic LS had two types that I know of: Reddit - Dive into anything

Ohto Cute Auto Sharp AP-350C is an automatic.

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Automatic should not be later than 1988. I saw E and Automatic in the PILOT catalog of 1988.

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E should not have been earlier than 1988.

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As for pencils made in China, the more accurate information is:
THREE STAR A705 - 1983
THREE STAR A701 - 1985
SWIRI using 0.3mm lead - mid1980s

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That means, FC DS75 actually was the first one?

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DS75 or TKL, but I’m more inclined to DS75.

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corrected. thank you

corrected/added. thank you

In 1989, there was an interesting news article in China that mentioned the mechanical pencil E.


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dates corrected. thank you!

Thank you