FrankenSpoke - new hardness indicator from IJ Instruments

I commissioned Dr. Wilson at IJ Instruments (u/lindsay_wilson_88) to make me a few lead hardness indicators. I also purchased some of his Orenz adapters.

Pictured are Spoke 4 and Spoke 6, each with custom lead hardness indicators and using Orenz internals. The indicators will fit on Pentel P200 or Orenz models.

(EDIT) Close up photos of the indicators were courtesy of Dr. Wilson


These are tremendous!


This is the best thing I’ve seen all week!


Thanks for sharing.

Zero chance Spoke doesn’t start offering something like this in a few weeks.


The orenz sliding sleeve works?


Yes. Works perfectly, and helps to make my Spokes a little more “pocket safe”.

After I took that picture I loaded my Spoke 6 with an Orenz 0.2mm and have been using it all morning with no issues.


Looks amazing. I don’t see it listed on his site. Does Lindsay make them available upon request, or was it a very limited run-off? If available, how much are they?

Come to think of it… not seeing the Orenz adapter either, for the Spoke series.


Thank you. After I posted This post I reached out to him to see if he could make one. I was amazed that in a few days he had already built a prototype and sent me some pictures. He wasn’t happy with the engraving so he worked that part out.
Then we discussed the hardnesses I wanted listed so I gave him the ones I use the most.

The end result is amazing. It’s a friction fit, the cap stays where you put it. A minor irritant of mine is when the hardness indicator setting doesn’t stay put. I have not had that problem with these.

They are not cheap. I paid 25£ each. Maybe once people start buying more the price will drop?

The Orenz converter was 5£.
Here is a link to YouTube showing it in use.


Wow those are the nicest hardness indicators I’ve seen. IJ should start selling them in a few sizes that fit the most popular pencils. I guess that there aren’t more than 3-4 common sizes.