Lead hardness indicator for P20x?

Does Pentel (or anyone) make any pencils that have an indicator on the cap that will fit a P20x?
I’ve considered ordering the graph for pro, or a graph gear 500 etc but would like to know if it will fit before I buy.

I’m trying to find out a way to have a lead hardness indicator on my Spoke 4 and 6

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Those caps won’t fit.

I may look into making some. That could be interesting. I recently converted my woodshop over to a metalworking and jewelry studio.

I have some caps that I’ve coated with metalcast anodized paint that helps me know what hardness each has.


Thank you. I love my Spokes but wish they had some features my other pencils have. A lead indicator as an eraser cap would top it off nicely.

If you make some for sale please let me know.

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