For Sale - Pentel Sharp and Quicker Clicker

IMO, the only triangular-bodied Pilot is the one I’ve raved about for years (black and burgundy pieces at the top)—NOT the H-215, which has a hexagonal body.

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this is good information. Let me count what I have and take better photos.

are auctions the best way to do this on here? I’m new to this forum/marketplace


This forum is simply a place to openly discuss buying and selling and coordinate direct sales, trades, etc. You can use eBay if you want to go with an auction and then post the link to the listing here.


oh, oops I missed your hyperlink…

are you an owner of this forum?

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haha, you’re not hijacking it. I’m a little overwhelmed anyway.

I think I need to go through and deal with one type at a time.

Since everyone is zeroing in on the Pilots, I’ll start with those. I’ll sort through them tonight and see what condition they are in


I would also be interested in those clear pilots!


Guilty as charged.


Ok, I’ve separated out the Pilots and the Sanfords and taken better photos

there’s a wrinkle in the plan. Only three of the pilots are clean and crack free — two H215 and one HP-20RK-05. One more is clean but has a crack.

the rest are quite dirty inside, two have pink paper slid inside, one has a scrap of paper with a persons name on it. Three are missing clips, and several are cracked around the top… Some have reside from a desiccated rubber band.

I don’t know what the black one is on the left, but it says Japan on it, and has some sort of glue or other residue on it.

The Sanford ones have twist-up erasers that are almost used up, but otherwise seem intact and operational. They also have rubber band residue on them.

Because of the condition, I’m thinking of asking $30 for each of the three clean non-cracked ones, $15 for dirty ones without cracks, and $3 each for other pencils. $10 for either case of refill erasers. Flat rate $5 shipping per shipment. If you’d also like a solid blue quicker clicker we can talk—I’m thinking $10 each.


Idk how exactly this works but I’ll buy the HP-20RK-05

sent you private message

Can anyone tell me the difference between the H-215 and the HP-20RK? These examples do not have a triangular cross-section

The specimens without “Pilot 0.5” on the barrel are pretty rare! I have a couple of old 0.7s in that body style with no markings on the barrel, and I’ve seen various 0.5 samples on secondhand markets that didn’t have the “Pilot 0.5” either.

They’re the same pencil, but I think HP-20RK was used in Japan, and H-215 was used in international markets.

Personally, I prefer to use H-215 because it’s simpler and more meaningful. For example, you can immediately intuit that the H-225 is supposed to be slightly elevated above the H-215, and you’d be right—the resin mould for the H-225 includes a textured grip section.


The black pencil on the left is a Pilot executive that was originally sold with a sliding sleeve tip. Your specimen has had the tip replaced at some point, and if I had to guess, I’d say it’s a tip from a broken H-215.


The three nice Pilots with the stickers and no cracks are all spoken for.

the more used-looking ones I might clean up and put up for auction.

fascinating. First year production maybe.

if anyone would like the Pilot Executive for the cost of shipping let me know :slight_smile:

do people collect refill erasers? I don’t imagine old ones work that well anymore as erasers, but the boxes are in pretty good shape for a collector. I just like the small metal pins they come with for clearing tips.

For somebody like me, these are handy to have around. Oftentimes, vintage pencils have compromised erasers, and quite often, the eraser holder is either damaged or missing.

In these situations, it’s great to have replacement parts!


I forgot about the eraser holder. Now that you mention it I do remember that being an issue when I was still a heavy pencil user, studying maths in school.

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posted the Sanford Logo pencils here: 2 Sanford Logo mechanical pencils with twist erasers red maroon used Japan lot | eBay

someone messaged me on eBay asking about the Pentel refill erasers. I’m assuming the person knew about it from the photo here. Feel free to message if you want to make an offer direct here

also found two more executives. Listed them in a lot.


The two new pieces have the original sliding sleeve tips :call_me_hand:t6: