Favorite pens in my collection, at the moment

Left column from TOP to BOTTOM:

MechaSEA B1-000

Sakura Craft Lab 001

LAMY 2006 Ceramicon

PILOT Quatro green/white

rOtring 600G

PILOT Hi Tecpoint steel striped

PILOT Hi Tecpoint steel grid

Spoke Design Roady XL

rOtring 700


Senator (unknown)

Right column LEFT to RIGHT, TOP to BOTTOM

PILOT Elite steel crosshatch

PILOT Custom steel stripe

Ballograf Epoca white

Mitsubishi Jaguar steel stripe grid


Ballograf Opus II


The OHTO Flat-C is so good and should 10000000% have an MP companion :rage:


I’m partial to the Flat-C also. Super nice ballpoint.

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Some notes about a few of the pens listed here:

Brand Model Features
PILOT Hi-Tecpoint Hidden trap-door in nose cone that seals off the refill to help from drying out. Sadly, the proprietary refill was discontinued, but there are some DIY mods to make a few others work.
OHTO FLAT-C Flush clip that is spring loaded and will raise up to address thicker fabric. Also doubles as a release trigger for the refill deployment. This is one of my top favorites. Just wonderfully done in so many respects! It takes a PG-105NP flash-dry refill, but Parker G2 style refills are compatible (maybe 95%).
OHTO BP-15 This is the ballpoint companion to the piston based SP-15 mechanical pencil. It has a really nice rubber-like grip with attractive grid pattern. The click action is surprisingly smooth.
Spoke Design Roady XL This is a wonderfully done capped rollerball pen. The XL size is just a touch longer than the standard Roady, while opening up many compatible refills. I prefer the Energel XLRN5. The cap closes and posts magnetically.
Sakura Craft Lab 001 Simple twist mechanism to deploy but it’s super smooth and nicely controlled by the rear fluted knob. The brass hardware looks and feels great.
LAMY 2000 2006 Ceramicon This was a limited release of the 2000 series ballpoint that normally comes in Makrolon, various exotic woods, or stainless steel. The ceramic body is super glossy and tough. A fingerprint magnet, so you’ll need to keep a cloth handy. Super smooth click action. Luxurious!
rOtring 600G This is the ballpoint version of the sought after 600G mechanical pencil that became the 800. Yeah, it’s basically an 800 ballpoint. Nicely done though.
PILOT Quatro The Quatro series featured a number of colorways and the one that intrigued me the most was the alternating color+white. It came in mint green, light blue, and pink. The green caught my eye and I’ve collected all types of this color.
MechaSEA B1-000 This is a very unusual low production pen made by a custom motorcycle shop in Japan. Highly unusual deployment mechanism and extendable clip. Hard to find!
rOtring 700 The 700 series has a certain “architect elegance” to it, especially due to the clip design and dark gunmetal body finish. The double-knock mechanical pencil is a little fragile, so I use it rarely. The ballpoint is very robust. Gorgeous sleek design.
Senator Unknown This was a promotional pen I got at a software trade show. It is branded “Interwoven,” for a company that was bought out for $775 million. I wish I’d worked for them! Pen is very well made, sturdy, and has a nice aggressive knurled grip.
Ballograf Opus II This is a fairly nice upgrade from the popular Epoca line. It uses Parker G2 style refills. It’s not glamorous, but the rear design & furniture is tastefully done. Decent click action.
Mitsubishi Jaguar Classic This was Mitsubishi’s answer to PILOT’s prolific steel striped ballpoints. It’s a little upgraded in that the girth and length is longer, plus the click button has a nice onyx accent on it. The machining is first rate.
PILOT Elite & Custom These are practically ubiquitous in the vintage lineup of PILOT steel pens. They’re pretty easy to find, because they were so well made and stand up to the test of time. And thankfully refills are still available. Some will take Dr. Grip. Others the BRFN10 and BRFN30.

I agree. OHTO is so well versed in mechanical pencils. The FLAT-C almost looks like a minimalist ProMecha. They really could’ve done a MP companion for it.

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My only gripe with the OHTO FLAT-C is that the clip has a matte coating on it that is scratch prone. Mine developed a few unsightly scratches, so I just used a little weak micromesh on it to remove it all. In place is just a slightly shiny silver finish. It looks normal, as if meant to be that way.

I was going to say that the Promecha is the companion MP to the Flat-C :slight_smile:

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Yeah, they are. The black model is also prone to brassing at the edges and in the grip also (especially if you keep it in your pockets). A bit like the black rot 600 in fact.

Very nice designs, they are all beautiful, do you know if the Ballograf Opus pencil exists?

edit: yes there is a pencil version

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Gary, DM sent.

Actually —if I’m allowed another try— there’s probably more in common between the Flat-C and the Horizon or even the Silver Hex than with the Promechas.


Ah, you show off – you have the black FLAT-C! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::smirk::kissing_smiling_eyes:
I learned about the FLAT-C last year and all I’ve seen are the silver ones for auction.

I mentioned the Pro Mecha in terms of visual aesthetics. Knurled tubular grip. Prominent step from grip to body. The Horizon reminds me a lot of a rOtring 400.

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Indeed! but the flat, rather merging clip is so distinctive I think it goes well with the H: pushbutton, hex on the back and clip…

Okay but I confess I’m partial to the Horizon. I find it such a great design… pity it also has a rather cheap assemblage :smiley:


The Promechas are beautiful of course — but also overtly complicated, they don’t have the integrity and compactness I find in the Flat-C, or in that little OHTO/Muji one on top


But the Unic is my still my fave. Flat-C comes 2nd

Really nice box it came with originally. There’s 2 or 3 versions afaik, this is the titanium oxide one. The stainless steel version is superb, it’s a little heavier and just feels perfect in the hand.


This is what kept me from buying it. The retractable feature is a strong appeal, but I kept reading about shoddy parts inside that tend to break.

I had somehow completely missed the LAMY Unic. It seems it was rather short lived, because there’s not a lot of inventory floating around… and apparently collector interest has caused prices to soar. Looks like a beautiful design. I especially like the colored dot underneath the clip, and the overall minimalist touches. Hopefully the acquisition might inspire a revival of some LAMY classics.

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The mechanism is super-smooth (of the Lamy Unic). At least for me, used only to cheap ballpens …
Here is an overview of the versions: top version is Titanium coated
https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/52916192919_00b48d7d04_b.jpg (source: penexchange.de)

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Thanks! Good to see this. Interesting to see a 50% increase just for titanium coating (not a titanium metal body). Apparently this pen was made between 1984 and the late 1990’s. Originally designed by Gerd A. Müller (who also designed the LAMY 2000, CP1, and numerous Braun shavers / appliances).

The LAMY Ideos is an interesting looking pen… which I saw turn up when searching for Unic. Looks to be nicely made, but that gloss grip bothers me – fingerprint magnet. Would be nice if they had a brushed titanium finish.


I’ve been looking for the Silver Hex MP for ages. Anyone know where to accomplish acquisition?


Mercari maybe. I think i got that one in a bundle with 2 or 3 mujis.

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