Favorite pens in my collection, at the moment

Lamy Unic is part of my trinity of telescoping tip pens:

  1. Aurora Hastil, possibly the first to do this style of tip deployment.

  2. Lamy Unic, a grippier and more modern take.

  3. Platinum Z


silver Flat-c & OP-1000M
black Flat-c & OP-1000
This was a common set at that time


What keeps Flat-c from being the perfect pen for me is its clip. It can only be triggered with suitable pressure if you press the red area (technically, the orange area can also trigger it, but it requires way too much force).
Another trouble is the feedback when pressing the clip, it’s my personal preference, I would say it lacks a bit of ‘impact’. The pen’s impact is provided by the reset of the rear button, which is sufficient though. But the finger you used to press the clip doesn’t feel the clip’s feedback at all: the downward stroke when pressing the clip is too short, and it doesn’t have a ‘click’ feeling

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Problem solved!

You may try replacing the spring with a slightly stronger one, it may provide you the feedback you’re looking for

Do you know when the black FLAT-C was commonly sold?

There are times when the silver FLAT-C appears, sometimes alone or paired with a Pro Mecha 0.4 mm. But I’ve yet to see a black one and fear bidding competition will be fierce when one eventually comes around.

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Idk, archive webpage only record content from 2003 to 2010, no earlier content, and both silver&black Flat-c have been there throughout this period, not sure if this’is 100% credible

About 2 years ago someone sold several Flat-c on mercari for 3000 yen each and I bought both 2 color of it. I have never regretted that, although I rarely buy ballpoint pen for more than its original price. Mainly because Flat-c itself is not a level implied by its 1000 yen price tag, nor a typical Ohto level model, it’s way beyond that. And based on recent auctions, seems that 3k is just about the market price

(Which brings me to PD515, 500 yen, nothing special but its nice color combo and clip shape, the price is usually 4000 yen now and I am still waiting for a low enough price)

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Lamy Unic bp was sold in '84 to '03, initially there’re only 3 model: 290 steel, 291 black (both priced 48 DM), 292 Ti (95DM), and 293 gun metal was added later (before '95). Their prices have changed several times since then.

As for the titanium coat, well, I have 292Ti and 293gm, I would say the touch feeling and appearance texture of their rod are identical, they are just different in color, though I’ve never seen any offical further description of 293 gm’s material

What actually makes Unic Ti outstanding is that, these Ti models are special existense in Lamy’s products. (This is my personal view, not their official statement): If the original model has any exterior plastic parts, they will be replaced with metal parts

And same thing happens to CP1 Ti multi pen 754&654

(Or maybe this ring is just electroplated plastic? I don’t have this pen)


The only bad news about Unic Ti is that, Lamy added a printed mark to Ti model, pretty weak, but that’s fine, I actually wiped them off easily, and it doesn’t looks anything wrong. But when it comes to Unic, the original stamping logo is also repalced by a printed one. Uhhh… I have nothing to say, don’t want it at all. It is relatively solid, but there is still a risk of wearing.

image-asset (1)

Now all 4 models’ reasonable market price are around 115~165$ each, I don’t see significant price difference among them, maybe 291 black is slightly cheaper. I will recommend 291 black & 292 Ti, both are perfect collection, and 291 black is better for casual writting because of it’s matte coating.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the quality or touch feeling of 292 Ti, but the surface of 292&293 is like a smooth matte look, so it does get a little fingerprint, just as the 293 gm shown in this pic. This makes me worry that the remained moisture or oil may cause it oxidizing, so I have to wipe it after every use.


Great info.

Great frustration for those of us who haven’t yet gotten a Unic in hand! :smirk::wink::joy:

I beg to disagree. I find the quality to be very decent & could easily pass for ¥1000 or even more. I’m keeping an eye out on Mercari. Hopefully one day I’ll get lucky.

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Ah, that’s what i just want to say. It’s a quality of at least 2000 yen. That makes me glad to pay the extra money. I’ve edited that reply

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