Custom acrylic barrel for P203

I would like to have a colourful acrylic barrel for my P203 – the more colourful and wild, the better :wink: Its shape should be as similar as possible to the original barrel.

Is there anyone here who can make and send me such a barrel? Of course I pay a fair price for it. – I live in Germany.

If nothing speaks against it I can also show the barrel in my personal, non-commercial weblog at



Hey @Gunther. I was making barrels like that a couple of years ago. Unfortunately I no longer make them but you can find a few folks on Etsy that still make them.

Here’s some of my work…


Hi @Knockologist, your pencils are amazing! It’s a pity you don’t make them anymore. I would love to know more about the Etsy sellers; for some strange reason I haven’t found any. I’ll look again!