All about the Kuru Toga Dive

The Kuru Toga dive: for some the greatest thing since sliced bread, for others an overhyped and overpriced pencil. But one thing is for sure, I keep getting comments on my Dive post from a year ago and I see little to no accurate information of what’s actually going on with these pencils. Thus, I decided to put a thread together with all things Dive.


Lead size: 0.5mm.
Mechanism: Automatic feed, both through lead sleeve retraction (i.e. the usual auto feed mechanism on Orenz Nero, Pilot Automac, S30 etc) as well as through a mechanism coupled to the kuru toga rotating engine (the big selling point of this model). Clicker button on the back. Uncapping the pen will always reveal the exact same amount of lead coming out of the sleeve, since the cap pushes on the automatic feed mechanism. The amount of lead the mechanism feeds can be regulated from the tip in five intervals (from min to max).
Construction: Black coated metal clip. The rest of the pen is plastic, with a coat of paint that varies depending on the model. Magnets hold the cap in place both in the front and back of the pen. A small window reveals a rotating tube inside the pen, with the kuru toga logo on it.
List price: 5000 yen (5500 with tax)

The whole auto feed mechanism is explained in this post (in Japanese), there’s also some images of the dive taken apart.
Note that fully taking apart the Dive is a very bad idea, most probably you won’t be able to put it back together since many parts are assembled inside a sealed tube so that no debris enters and affects the mechanism.

1st gen (第一弾)

Model and serial
Grand Blue - M5-50001P.GB グランブルー
Quantity - 5000 units
Release day - February 10, 2022
Current resale price - 25000 yen unboxed, 30000-40000 boxed
Peculiarities - It’s the only model with a glossy finish, all of the other models have a matte finish.
Methods of acquisition - A few units were allocated to some stationery stores in Japan (2 to 8 per store as far as I know). They were allowed to take reservations from about a week in advance, which hasn’t been allowed for later models. It was never sold officially on online retailers nor overseas.

2nd gen (第二弾)

Model and serial
Moon night blue - M5-5000 1P.MN ムーンナイトブルー
Cascade blue - M5-5000 1P.CC カスケードブルー
Quantity - 5000 units each
Release day - November 4, 2022
Current resale price - 10000-15000 yen
Methods of acquisition - The new colors were leaked on a Chinese website, so hype made getting these pens at release quite hard. Again, a few units were allocated to each store but now no reservations could be made. You could be notified by phone when the pens were up for sale on that store, since some stores were 1 or 2 days late to the release. The sales were limited to 1 pen per person, so in order to get two colors you had to find to two stores with enough stock.

3rd gen (第三弾)

Model and serial
Twilight orange - M5-5000 1P T.4 トワイライトオレンジ
Dense green - M5-5000 1P D.6 デンスグリーン
Abyss blue - M5-5000 1P A.33 アビスブルー
Quantity - In theory unlimited, in reality very slow restocks (in batches of 5000 one would assume, although we don’t know)
Release day - March 3, 2023
Current resale price - 9000-13000 yen
Peculiarities - The packaging changed from a shiny blue cardboard box to a matte black cardboard box with a lid. Items sold overseas through the Uni website don’t include this packaging, but include some additional goods (stickers).
Methods of acquisition - Again, the colors were leaked on the Chinese website and it was impossible to find them on stores even on release day. It wasn’t officially sold online in Japan, but some units were allocated to the overseas Uni store for the first time.

Are the three blues the same?
You could think, what kind of genius decided to make three different blue models with so little difference? And no worries, Uni is self aware that it was confusing. Anyway, they are different. 1st edition is easy to identify since it’s glossy, the other two are harder to tell apart.

In use
I used the dive quite a lot when I got it, and I was impressed by the mechanism. I never had to click the button to manually feed lead, and the rotating auto feed was so good that the lead sleeve never really scratched the paper.


The release of the Dive has been massive both within the Japanese enthusiast community as well as overseas. This has made the pen virtually impossible to get without going to resale sites like Mercari or Yahoo Auctions and paying 2 to 8 times the list price, depending on the model. Although collectors are keen to pay those premiums for old and rare models, having to pay 300 bucks just because a Japanese middle schooler isn’t getting enough pocket money from their parents is a fair reason to be angry. Other people criticise the pen because they consider that 5000 yen is too much for a full plastic pencil.

Mercari resalers aside, we have to understand that having a successful 5000 yen model on the Japanese market is incredibly difficult. One of my favourite pencils, the Pilot Fumi Laku, was also a list price 5000 yen model when it was made. We know that only 5000 units * 3 colours were made during its first year in production, and then two years later it was discontinued. Now what? The pencil isn’t made anymore and if you want one you have to go and pay 4x list price on resale sites. So in my opinion that’s the genius behind the Dive marketing: You make 5000 units (which is what you would make anyway) and market it as a super limited product, have collectors go nuts over it. Rinse and repeat with new colours. It’s annoying, but it’s a way to have the product not flop.

Also, some people seem to think that Mitsubishi is artificially keeping the supply low, but I’m not sure that’s the case. I’ve talked with some stationery stores and it seems like the supply for other high end pencils (S30, the new Orenzs etc) is also pretty low, it’s just that there’s not enough resale value for kids to buy out the products at release day.


Thanks for the info. I find it a bit disappointing that they didnt even try to use a “plastic metal compound” like Pentel. Its still good to see companies trying out new things in the high end market nonetheless.


I do agree that there are better materials to be used (not metal though, this pencil would be horribly heavy if all metal) but who knows how much making that mechanism limits the budget on the shell.
I personally find the plastic on the 1st gen very pleasing, the paint seems incredibly high quality. The matte finish on the other ones isnt so much of my liking.


Thank you for this post. You answered some questions I had about my limited release versions, specifically the production numbers and the different color blues.


Great write-up – thanks for posting here!

Keep waiting on Uniball Co website… still not restocked. No estimate either. Really frustrating!


I found a video where the automatic feed can be seen very clearly

Every 440 (approximately) pushes on the mechanism the lead is fed. On max setting, about 1.5mm? of lead seems to be fed. On min setting, it’s almost unnoticeable.


I tested what he did in the video and had similar result - I only tested with regulator in the mid position

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From a collector’s view I was somewhat disappointed, that the Dive finally got (kind of) a series product. But I am glad that I have the 1st glossy release, which seems to stay special in a way.
I will get a series one, too, but I have no hurry. A bit of patience usually allows better prices at Rakuten … (similar to Tombow C1 & L2, here I also wait for a while).

And I have to inspect the mechanism in more detail. I just had a look at the pencil and that was all …

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The KT Dive does nothing for me, aesthetically or otherwise.

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Can you tell me where the source of the information “2nd gen: Quantity - 5000 units each” is from?

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Off topic, but are C1 and L2 hard to get overseas? I want to get a black L2, probably the C1 as well but they are everywhere in Japan.

I think that’s fine, I don’t think it’s a design or marketing that would appeal a vintage pencil collector.

One thing is for sure, the degree to which the Dive has grown the interest in high end pencils in Japan is enormous. I remember reading twitter the week prior to the release, some were placing reservations but most were laughing at the idea of spending 5500 yen for a kuru toga. Fast forward to today, the review video I shared before has 1.2 million views!! That’s nuts.

In the Japanese market there are usually mental price barriers that most people just don’t want to cross. For ramen, its 1000 yen. For pencils, it was 3000 yen. It’s too early to say anything but my theory is that the Dive broke that mental price barrier and is going to let making other high end pencils viable. I’d say it’s no coincidence that zoom revamped their lineup this year, with the L2 marketed as their entry model. Even if you hate the dive, I’d say its success is a net positive for the mechanical pencil collector community.


usually I even don’t check, but now I did: google shopping delivered no offer. at rakuten jp I see offers, but all at the same price – so I guess prices will fall in the next months.


There was an official website with a ton of info and I think I read it there, but uni wiped off all previous websites after the release of the non-limited colors. Considering that the dive isn’t even listed in Uni’s catalog I’m not sure we can expect any official source. If you read JP twitter, that number gets thrown around from time to time (for example this user is saying that there’s 10000 units, 5000 for each color).

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Thank you for your reply! Here’s the seller’s description of the KT DIVE I saw on this mercari-like second-hand website, which I translated into English using AI, which is also worth a reference (it’s worth mentioning that uni has officially sold them on the Chinese Taobao online shop since the first generation, and according to my Chinese friends’ estimates, at least one tenth of the DIVEs were shipped to China)

Model: M5-5000 1P

Price: 5500 yen (including tax)

Poor official translation: The KURUTOGA DIVE is a newly developed automatic pencil with the theme of “diving into writing mode”. It has a function to adjust the length of the automatic lead out, and does not require any pressing during the entire writing process, including before writing. Although it is an automatic pencil, it also uses a cap system. When the cap is removed, a section of the lead will automatically pop out, allowing the user to start writing immediately without pressing. It also has a device to select the automatic lead out length that matches the writing pressure and lead hardness.

Timeline (April 2023):

On February 16, 2022, Mitsubishi released the KURUTOGA DIVE as a trial product of the KURUTOGA series, stating that it was a “limited quantity” with a global limit of 5000 units. The color is Grand Blue (Moon Shadow Blue). As soon as it was released, it caused a sensation in the pen community.

On November 4, 2022, Mitsubishi released the second edition of KURUTOGA DIVE, this time with “LIMITED COLORS” label. There are two colors, Moonnight Blue (Moonlit Sea) and Cascade Blue (Rushing Waterfall).

On December 22, 2022, Mitsubishi officially announced that KURUTOGA DIVE will continue to be sold as the top product in the KURUTOGA series, filling the gap of the high-end flagship model of KURUTOGA. Interestingly, this is the first time Mitsubishi has actively released the latest information about KURUTOGA DIVE.

On March 3, 2023, Mitsubishi officially released the non-limited edition of KURUTOGA DIVE. There are three colors, Abyss Blue (Deep Sea), Dense Green (Foggy Forest), and Twilight Orange (Sunset Orange).


I’m not able to edit OP, but there’s one small mistake: The non-limited blue (abyss blue) is not matte, it has a glossy finish. That explains why it’s the most desired of the three, I liked the glossy 1st edition the most. In my opinion it feels better to the touch.
So as of today, there’s 4 matte colors and 2 glossy ones.

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Also I don’t seem to be able to change it into a wiki. Maybe you have some option to give those permissions to users with certain trust rating.



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