All about the Kuru Toga Dive

Diego, you are correct.

I’ve got a number of topics posted. I went to my most recent… and there’s a pencil icon to edit it. However, if I go back over a month to an older topic? That pencil is no longer there, and it’s not hidden in the ellipse expander either.

So it seems that there’s a forum default setting for the editable timeframe of a topic. I wonder if that can be set to infinity? Or, perhaps something like 6 or 12 months, and then if someone needs to correct it, contact the admin to release it for editing?


I removed the allowance timeframe for editing a post.

I also updated the trust level to allow for all level 2 members to convert a post to a wiki.

By default, this platform has a strict security policy. We are updating it as we need.


Thanks! Good to hear it. :+1: