A bit of platinum/staedtler crossdressing

The Platinum MSD-1000 and Staedtler 925-25 are similar in many respects… including thread pitch! And so, here are the models:

Hello, the lead grade sleeve is on different parts between the silver and black Platinum models!

That means you can’t really swap the silver parts of the Platinum and Staedtler:



Ueda DD-Pro 1000 also made in same factory as the Platinums and Staedtlers.


Same goes for the Kokuyo TZ-521X


Does anyone know who manufacture(s/d) them?
(The MSD-1000 and -1500 apparently have been discontinued. A pity, I especially liked the 1500 on more arthritic days.)

Is that the Fatinum?


It is! :joy: It’s chonky and fun to take apart, too.


AKA the ‘Tsuchinoko’ / ツチノコ
The equivalent of ‘little fatty’.


My guess would be kotobuki. Reason is that kiwi-Dave shared the info, that all platinum pencils were made by them.


I don’t know why, but whenever I think of the Staedtler 925 25/25 pencils, Preco and Iwasaki come to mind.

This really is odd. Hard to imagine what lead to this, especially in light of the multiple brands using the same barrel design.

Of the four brands using this overall design, I feel like Staedtler 925 is oldest, but I don’t know. Could it be that the silver Platinum was the first design and then the black was redesigned and all other brands used the formula developed for the black one?

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My vote: Ohhira

When I first saw the MSD-1500, I found it ugly to the point of being offensive, and I felt that way for a few years at least. Somehow, one day I looked at again and thought ‘it’s not actually as bad as I thought.’

Currently, I have about 5 of them and it’s one of my absolute favourite pencils. Amazing how significantly tastes can change with time.

One thing that I’ll never stop hating:
The Graphgear 1000. Them shits ugly as hell.



GraphGear 1000 is horrible


Many years ago I sorted out the Platinum MSD-1500 0.5 to sell it, but today I’m glad that nobody wanted it back then. Recenty I bought another one in 0.3 mm :wink:

I am relieved that I’m not the only one who thinks this way :slight_smile:


The bigger pencil seems common to underestimate. I wasn’t interested in it at first either and bought one mainly for the sake of completeness, but I’ve come to love it.

Now that they’re discontinued I’ve noticed that online prices for the Fatinum (thank you @pearsonified for the name I’m going to call it from now on) have gone up significantly over its regular-sized sibling, which hasn’t changed much at all. But I just saw a slightly beat up one listed for $217. That seems like it’s got to be a troll. $60-$80 seems to be more mainstream.


It’s probably heresy but I also love the Fatimum’s three ballpoints. Equally well made with the stout aluminum body and processed wave grip. I need to get around to finding an ideal replacement refill for them.


I believe that as we develop and expand our hobbies, the perception of what is essential —i mean, what constitutes for us the real thing— changes overtime. As we discover new things and push out the boundaries of our own prejudices and tastes, new criteria emerge.

I guess the same thing happens in an artistic practice like visual arts or music. In fact, that’s probably the whole point.


Agreed. It’s very exciting to find yourself unexpectedly drawn to something new.
On the flip side, there’s a small, quiet sorrow when you realise something that you used to love just doesn’t connect the same way anymore.


Very true!

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This is an odd one indeed. Despite Kotobuki saying they made all Platinums pencils, they also said they did NOT make the Staedtler 925 series, and did not know who did.