ZERO pen that "floats" into its base

Just received it. The base is a good bit heavier than I expected. Super solid. The pen is simple, but well made. It takes what appears to be a PILOT BRFN10 / BRFN30 style refill. The base opening is machined to be an exact fit to the pen body circumference with just a slight enough gap to allow gravity to push air out of the base, letting the pen slide slowly back into it once released at the top. When you pull out the pen swiftly, it makes a “pop” sound.

Would’ve been cool if they made a mechanical pencil companion of the same design.


How is the writing feel of it and is it comfortable to hold?

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It all comes down to the refill. The BRFN10, BRFN30 and Dr. Grip refills that fit are nice and write well. This pen is about on par with comfort of the Fisher Bullet Space Pen. It’s a little wider and heavier. I probably wouldn’t write with it for very long periods, as I prefer pens a little more narrow. Due to this being more of a desk pen, because there’s no travel cap, I see it as more of a novelty / conversation piece.

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