Zebra nuMotee: Strangely Comfortable

From 2008… Zebra continues its collaboration with university researchers into ergonomic designs. The nuSprial had come out in 2006, I think. The full-length PU Foam body is perfect for folks dealing with a death grip problem. The shape feels like a Goldilocks combo of the nuSpiral and Pentel Ergonomix from 2002.

What’s not to love? Well, the ballpoint is a capped design instead of a knock mechanism. Like how the early Dr Grips were. And… they are hard to store. If the container doesn’t have enough elbow room, the foam will become flattened, pinched or creased over time.

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Haha, interesting one. Looks like writing with a turd (sorry, the English word is probably more vulgar than the German word I have in mind) …


:poop: Someone on reddit said it looked like a cassava root with a coffee mug stuck at the end of it