Zebra G-750 click-style gel pen

A few months back I’d heard about the Zebra G-750 and put it on my acquire list. Amazon price limit trigger finally happened. I picked one up in a 2x bonus refill pack for $8. Relatively cheap, all things considered. But wow… this is a substantial pen. It weighs as much as a Spoke Design Roady XL with aluminum body and poly cap (about 29g).

NOTE: I just spotted the G-750 on Amazon JP (LINK) and it’s ¥2900 there. Weird! Usually a made in Japan pen will be cheaper from Japan retailers than in the USA (Jet Pens priced it at $9.50).

The G-750 is very well machined and anodized. It’s basically in rOtring 600/800 class. The click mechanism is a little loose but has nice action. The tip is pretty well seated, with no obvious wobble. The knurling is nicely done. As for colors, it seems it’s only available in black. I think it would look pretty sharp in silver and show off the “space capsule” like nose cone a bit better.

The refill used is unfortunately a thin tube type (unlike a Parker G2 or PILOT Dr. Grip). And it’s sad, because the body could accommodate a wider refill. Unfortunately the front section is narrow internally and given the length, it’s impossible to fashion a Parker G2 style refill to fit. It’s called a “JKL” refill. You can actually fit a PILOT Acro refill in it, if you trim it just enough. And it’s recommended because the JKL refill is rather mediocre.

Oh, one nice little thoughtful feature – the center ring you see in the middle that’s showing “MED” and “GEL” wording – this is replaceable. If you get a finer grade refill or of a different color, there is a ring to match it, like a blue “FINE.” This way you quickly and easily know what refill you have in the pen. It’s a clever idea.


Wow, really nice work on the silver version.


I was just saying to Gary that this is one of those Zebra models that somehow never made it to wide distribution in Asia. So I can only order them from Amazon USA and the like…

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Thanks. It was actually easier than it looks. I created a layer trimmed to the outline of the black body, then did an invert function, followed by contrast enhance. :smirk::wink:

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