Zebra 1982 Catalog (partial) - shot by mobile phone

While browsing through Instagram, I came across someone sharing fragment of this catalog, and as a fan of Sharbo series, I managed to ask him for information about this part.
Zebra 1982 Catalog (partial) - shot by mobile phone


Some additions
The catalog section on Sharbo in the file is complete, but that’s pretty much all there is. I had never known the photographer before, and it seemed strange to ask him directly to provide me with a full copy of the content, so I’ll leave it at that.(Fortunately, I believe the rest of Zebra’s offerings are relatively dessert-grade during this time)

If you know the history of the Sharbo, you will know that the Sharbo Watch series was released in 1982, and it seems that this catalog (usually released at the beginning of the year) does not record.

For additional information, there are a total of 8 models in Sharbo Watch series, 4 metal rods with etching patterns and 4 spray paint rods, all priced at 8,000 yen. Their model number is roughly like SB-W1.(There are also 2-color ballpoint pen series priced at 5,000 yen with similar but simpler appearance, but they are not part of the Sharbo series).


Let me add one scan of vintage Sharbo brochure here, probably because it was printed so early that there is not much content, but brief description of the pen and the corresponding model number is still a highlight.
Zebra Sharbo brochure

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In addition, here’s a brochure included in Zebra SharboX 40th Anniversary Limited Edition. And here is a scan of two pages of it, which listing the major products of the Sharbo series over past 40 years.

This is very informative material, but let me remind you, in fact, there have been far more models released throughout history. Most types are listed, but many models are omitted within each type
For example, my collection focuses on first generation models and their derivatives (those that have more than 90% resemblance to SB-P, SB-S in appearance). So how many styles have I actually counted so far? Over 150, I believe there are about 200 in total. Of course, this’s a cumulative result, the number of models available for purchase in a given year should not be that crazy. I still hope to get more Zebra catalogs, they are too rare compared to Pilot or Rotring.


Is it just me, or is the original Sharbo miles better than any other Sharbo?

1977 and 1978 > *

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One page from ゼブラ完全ガイドブック, officially published by Zebra, I haven’t bought this book yet, according to the catalog there are only five pages related to Sharbo. Most of the rest is about their ballpoint pens and a small section introduces interesting or special products in history. So, maybe later.