YStudio ‘spring’ ballpoint to MP conversion

The YStudio Classic Revolve ‘Spring’ ballpoint has been around for a while now but I’ve only just gotten the ‘Shiny Silver’ edition after much hesitation.

Why? Well, the original design featured an exposed brass wire spring, but it was not a ‘clicker’ mechanism. You had to push down and turn it a couple times so that it held on to the screw threads. And unscrew it to stow the tip. So, definitely not a fidget gadget.

One of the weak points of the original is that the brass wire spring felt wimpy. There wasn’t enough tension to keep the knob from ratting in the stowed position.

With this Shiny Silver edition, it seems they switched to some other alloy for the spring. It actually felt sturdier, like a heavier gauge than before. And that gave me the hope that it could be converted into an MP more readily.

I took a spare MP component from a Uni Stylefit series and added a ‘collar’ or stopper to keep the tip extended just enough. Then I added a spacer to the end - all trial and error - so that the knob had just enough contact to work like a push button.

Worked out ok :+1:t2:


Does the silver version have the screw-down-cap feature to keep the pen tip secured?

Yes, it’s the same mechanism - but the spring is stiffer than the earlier brass model.

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