YSTUDIO - manual brassing

I got this a while back, the YSTUDIO Classic Revolve Sketching Pencil - Brassing Edition. This is a hefty all brass hexagonal lead holder with progressive advance. Originally released in raw brass finish, the ‘brassing edition’ applied a semi matte black powder coating with the rims at the back of the button and body polished off to reveal the golden gleam.

Included in the box was a piece of sandpaper. Because you were encouraged to personalise your pencil by selectively sanding away bits of the black paint to create a unique look. Like old antique cameras with their corners worn down, etc.

Anyway, I finally decided it would be more interesting to honor the concept of the pencil than to maintain a pristine black finish. This took me about an hour to sand down the cone and rub away some of the edges. I wanted to create a ‘brass’ sharpened pencil look. Anyone else got one of these?


I love this so much! Somehow I missed that they encouraged you to “relic” it.

I’m a huge huge huge fan of worn items. I have a jewelry line and make guitars that focus on that quality.

Looks like I need to grab one of these.