You're $1 away from Amazon Free Shipping

Or even just a couple dollars. What I typically do is have a few wish lists for various product categories, and I’ve got one called “Free Ship.” In there I have a few items that are really cheap, ranging from $1 to $3. The whole point being, if you’re not on Amazon Prime and you’re just $1 to $3 away from getting free shipping, you pick one of these items to bump up above $25 USD for free shipping.

Of course, it’s all about availability of the item. Some you’ll save and then discover some months or even a year later that the item is no longer available. Periodically you may have to update your list.

Anyway, if you’re only $1 away? Buy some Zebra erasers. You get a pack of 7 for just a buck!


That’s a fantastic suggestion!

My wife and I maintain a joint ongoing bot list of necessities, so I can always refer to them. We’ve become quite adept at listing items as soon as they come to mind. We categorize them under groceries, household items, each business, our child, the studio, and various hobbies.