WTT: NOS PILOT H-1585 for-OHTO SuperPromecha 1003S or…

*** I’m just spit-balling with this post. I’d rather not throw it on eBay for money***

If you are/have been wanting/pining for a Pilot H-1585 (NOS/Seemingly brand new) AND have an equivalent trade OUTSIDE the OHTO S.Promecha S 0.3/0.4…. Please feel free to ask/offer.

Please check my post history for images of the H-1585.

My interests outside the OHTO are:

•FFF p115 (not expecting NOS, but wouldn’t hate it either haha).

•any variants to the Pilot HH-50k. A 0.3. Being preferred.

•a Pilot Hh-80r 0.3mm + either $ or another additional trade M.P.

•Mitsubishi M5-1006 (I believe? The “writer’s” contemporary to the Mx-1052 series.)

•the Kent 0.3 drafting pencil (silver knurling, red body)

•••. Again, Any other offers happily considered :pray: :grin::pray:

Thank you all for this wonderful community:D