WTS: Zebra Sharbo X multi-pen mechanical pencil refills for 0.7 mm (NEW)

Zebra Sharbo X - 0.7 mm mechanical pencil refill (SB-X-7-B1)

These are really well made pencil inserts for the Sharbo X multi-pen series. For Zebra multi-pens, they will fit in only the Sharbo X series. However, they can work in PILOT and rOtring Trio pens if you cut down the mounting tube by a few millimeters (which is of course a permanent mod). I was able to fit one in a Mitsubishi Jaguar 1+1 multi-pen and while it juts out a bit far when extended, it does lock into place and function fine (as well as retract without issue). I don’t have an original steel Sharbo 1+1 to test, but it might also work.

Amazon sells them for $6.55 and has been at that price for the past 3+ years. Jet Pens has a better price of $4.85, but that doesn’t cover shipping ($35 minimum).

If you buy a Sharbo X with refills already inside, most of the time you’re getting 0.5 mm. Here’s a nice and inexpensive way to expand the capability of your Sharbo X multi-pen, by adding a 0.7 mm insert.

I’d like to offer these to the Knockology community for a special low price of just $3.25 shipped (each) in a 1st class envelope. Of course, US domestic delivery only (overseas would be too costly).

I have 7 available for purchase. I can take payment by Venmo or PayPal. Thanks!


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DM sent. :blush:

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I’ve sold a couple but still have 5 left. $3.25 shipped is a steal!