WTS/WTT Pentel Injecto P1004

Hey, I have both balck and red grip version of pentel p1004 injecto, and I am looking to sell or trade them. Anyone interested in it?

This one I mean.


what is your price on each one?

Seems like blue, gold and black injecto costs around 25000, so maybe 30000~? I have no clue how much the right price would be.

I am very interested in at least one of them

What are you interested in for trade?

Shall we talk in chat maybe?

I want them both!!!

@knockologist is now trolling me with my least favorite font; all my stuff is showing up in Papyrus :joy:

But I yield to whatever @nimrodd wants first since he is the Pentel king. With that said, I would love the red piece if I can’t get both.


Haha, but it could be comic sans also :smiling_imp:

Edit: just saw in the thread where this arose that comic sans was an option, too :joy:


What’s the status on the baton rouge?

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Am I alone in thinking these almost never come up on YAJ or Mercari? I feel like I never see them, and when I do, Japanese kids who’ve been waiting 6+ months to score one are ready to drop ¥20,000 to secure the bag…


I’ve seen very very very few for sale.

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Speak of the devil. In some shots it looks grey, in some it looks purple.


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