WTS morison Mp 0.5

Dont know how much they will worth, so please give me offer.


Probably not buying it but I’d imagine it would be like $5-25-ish as I don’t know too much about this model. It looks pretty nice so it’s probably higher in price. How much did you pay for it?

Things to consider for vintage stuff, imho

Price up:

  • quality comparisons (what does it compare to in terms of quality? I’d say Morison=Newman)
  • rarity (what is it more rare than? I’d say Morison is more rare than Newman)

Price down:

  • not knowing a brand is not a price factor but it is a “hmm I’m not buying it” factor
  • what are standard market prices for similar vintage items
  • establish minimum price+shipping terms to let it go

Do you have the ability to post this on Mercari? Japanese market will pay way more for a capped piece like this. (It’s rare, and the knock looks similar to that found on the capped Sakura that goes for a million bucks.)