WTB Porsche design classic line MP Titanium

Hello, I am looking for Porsche design classic line MP Titanium. I prefer cone tip, but guide pipe version is also fine. Is there anyone that could trade or sell?


Hi @nidora, unfortunately those are hard to come by and not cheap - easily my most expensive items. The alpha-matic cone tip version is even harder to come by. I’ve only seen one come up for auction twice in the last few years.

Not only that, but they are some of my favorites to use. I think the only thing that I would even consider trading one for would be a Pilot 0.3 Automatic. Not saying I definitely would - because I’d probably try to find a way to just purchase instead of trade off something so rare.

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Could you tell me how much they usually cost? I would like to know for each color…

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You’re looking at $600 - $900 for the Titanium or Black versions (alpha or tk style tip) and then $1100 or more for the sterling silver version.


Isnt there a bronze or normal silver one?

Here are the known versions:

The post right after that shows them plus an unknown hairline version that we’re waiting for more details on.

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Could the hairline be the finish on the right? To me it looks different from the FP titanium finish.
41011 is matte black titanium, 41023 is sterling silver, 41032 normal titanium, 41052 the hairline?

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I agree that they look slightly different, however that isn’t a hairline finish.

Also, the model numbers follow certain patterns with all versions described in the FP description. The Classic base model number is 410. The fourth number is the type: 1=pen, 2=ballpoint, 3=fountain, 5=mp. The fifth number is the finish: 1=matte-black titanium carbide, 2=titanium, 3=sterling silver.

The same pattern follows for the Arc 1, except the used 4 for the MP type.

Why did they skip 4 and use 5 for the Classic?

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Hmm, maybe it’s because 4 was the first version with the tk-matic style tip and they used 5 for the alpha-matic style tip?

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