WTB: Pilot HH-80-k 0.3mm/HH-50-k 0.3mm

As long as it/they are functional and has most/all parts, I am INCREDIBLY interested.

I look forward to any and all options. I have money, I don’t have these.

*** only accept gifts as long as NO physical favors are expected…. You know who you are….

TRADE: I’m even willing to trade, depending on what you are after.


Got a pic? I have no idea what HH-80-K refers to. The only model I refer to with these cryptic numbers is the HH-80R, which is Pilot’s knurled grip “ring” drafter (with rings in red, green, and yellow).

That’s the one! My brain keeps misremembering it constantly

And I believe the same correction needs to be made for the other as well


K is “black”, I believe…

Not sure the HH-50 ever existed as a 0.3mm? That’s the faux bois pencil, right?

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If we’re talking about the same pencil—the ¥500 drafting fauxbois that’s really the “younger brother” of the H-1005—then yes, it was also available in 0.3. Though I should note the non-black variants do not appear to have the same fauxbois finish.


Nice. I didn’t know that :+1:

You actually bring up other desired pencil(s): The non-black variants of the H-50-R (I’ve lost an auction for the red, and I’ve seen YOUR white…. Outside of those two colors, I’m not sure if or what others there may be, BUT(!!!), I’m also after any and all versions that I do not have.

The three center pencil’s 0.3mm and variants are what I am after…. Along with the 2.0mm H-80-R.

…… and if a 0.3mm H-80-R possessed a yellow ring…. I’d be quite an elated school-girl.

Thank you all for reading and your considerations


What is the black one with the round sticker?

That’s an HH-50K, which is the ¥500 “little brother” variant of the H-1005.


It’s one of my favorite MP’s overall. Its design strayed away from polite general style. Not to mention a perfection weight and knock.

I’ve been on the hunt for the 0.3mm ever since I saw some on Reddit have each. 2years now I believe…

The variants also call my name…