[WTB] Pentel P205 0.5mm certain colors

Hey all. I have been looking for some pentel P205ā€™s in two particular colors. One of them was known as the Breast Cancer Awareness month pencil in Canada. It was in a bubble gum pink color with the text being a dark shade of pink. The other one is a white color that had red text. I believe these were know in Singapore. While I do have the white one in green text, i really enjoyed it a lot and would like to own another one. As for the pink one, I have found a seller on Ebay but has not made any counteroffers when I made an offer myself. As of this post, I have found both colors but the price is a bit high. Just wanted to know if anyone here I might have had one. If not, oh well. Sorry for the long post and thanks for reading.


I have a packaged set of white and black from Singapore that Iā€™d be willing to part with for the right offer.

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Sent PM.


Gotcha. How much are you willing to part with?

DM sent.

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Man, I love this community.


The pink P205 was originally released in Singapore. A few years later Canada started selling the Pink and White.


These were very much ignored on the shelves of ART FRIEND, the largest dedicated art supplies store in Singapore.


Interesting. The possibility of these being out there.

As of last year, when Pentel Singapore redid their website, they were removed off of it. This year, Pentel Singapore website completely dropped the P200 pencils.

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Really? That is interesting. Perhaps the p200 is not as popular over there?