WTB: my 'missing' list

Genuine buyer. You all should know that by now :wink:

I’m throwing a hail mary out to this great community.

  1. PD515 Pop’npop black/grey
  2. PD335 Purple coloured clip non-Pop’npop
  3. PD1065 red
  4. PQ11 persons. Orange, pink, green, blue.
  5. PD347 and 349 with Clic 7 and Clic 9 labelling
  6. DPD355 clear with Mickey, same with Goofy
  7. PD345 clear clic II black, blue (originals)
  8. PD345 white (promo?)
  9. PD335 white with black highlights (promo)
  10. PD335 black (promo)

I’m open to trades, but only if I have a duplicate or triplicate. Happy to pay fair market prices.

Thanks in advance if you can help out!